A Male Model's Quest for Perfection Through Bizarre Eating Habits

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When browsing through the multitude of magazines aimed at men, one can never fail to notice the toned six packs and bulging pectorals of the cover models of magazines such as Men’s Health. The images exude the epitome of health and fitness with beaming smiles and doe-eyed blonds who can barely keep their hands off the sculpted musculature.

But underneath the body make-up and sepia tones lies a well hidden secret; that the grins of cover models may as well be grimaces of anguish from the pains taken to look "in the best shape ever," as the London Times reported on 11 May 2010.

Daniel Martin, Model Breaks Ranks Over Unhealthy Preparations

The revelations have come following revelations from experienced cover model Daniel Martin, who has spoken up over "an expectation" to push the body to unnatural limits in order to portray physical perfection.

The 33-year old model told the London newspaper that in preparation for a shoot, he would purposefully dehydrate, saying “[it] makes your skin shrink and become taut so that it sticks to the muscles and gives yu a dry, vascular appearance….which is what the magazines want.”

Spirits and Wine Speed up the Dehydration Process

He then went on to reveal that many models would drink wine or spirits to speed up the dehydration process which is standard practice according to Martin, “there is definitely a sense that magazines expect you to turn up dehydrated and dizzy.”

This has been denied by the industry leading Men’s Fitness magazine whose editor Jon Lipsey is quoted as saying “Everyone who appears in our magazine is in very good shape – they train hard and pay attention to their diet to achieve that look.”

However, there does seem to be an affect on male body image from the unrealistic images of such fitness magazines. Professor Heather Hausenblas of the Harley Medical Group was quoted as saying “We have seen a significant rise in the number of men who are dissatisfied with the way they look and want to be muscular.”

French Marks and Spencer’s Model Noémie Lenoir Attempts Suicide

This report came the day before the M&S model Noémie Lenoir apparently attempted suicide in her home in Paris on 12 May 2010. The model, 30, who features in a series of adverts alongside Erin O’Connor, Twiggy and Myleene Klass, was found in woodland in the Parisian suburb of La Celle-Saint-Cloud. She was taken to hospital where she recovered.

Lenoir, who has a child by estranged partner Zaireian footballer Claude Makélélé, is said to have taken the break up badly by some sources. France has one of the highest suicide rates out of any developed country which is blamed on a variety of factors, not least the lack of a suitable counselling organisation.

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