Benefits of Nuts and Olive Oil Fats

Olive Oil

In the majority of studies, nutritionists recommended reduced fat drinking to prevent weight gain, heart disease, and premature death. But an important fact is that not all fats are unhealthy. The Mediterranean diet, for example is high in vegetable fats contained in foods such as nuts and olive oil and is considered to have important health benefits and avoid obesity.

A study carried by Spanish researchers compared resting metabolic rate, post-meal energy expenditure, fat use, and satiety subsequent to meals high in monounsaturated fats-walnuts, polyunsaturated fats - olive oil, or saturated fats -fat-rich dairy foods. Meals rich in walnuts or olive oil cause bigger increases in post-meal metabolism than meals rich in dairy foods because they were more thermogenic. The type of fat in the meal had no result on post-meal fat use or satiety. However there is a necessity for more research to conclude if dietary nuts and olive oil have health benefits.
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  1. i'm moroccan, so olive oil has always been a major part of my nutrition. i didn't like it when i was younger, though. my mom keeps reminding us how good& healthy it is haha. i know i'll do the same with my kids for sure :)