Exercise Obstacles

exercise obstacles

For health conscious individuals, vacations pose several threats- from delicious large portioned platters to the absence of treadmills and elliptical machines. There’s often very little inspiration to work out when everyone on the beach has a martini in hand, but that’s no reason to abandon your well-established daily fitness program.

Remember to Relax

Most vacations last anywhere from one to three weeks and some environments are equipped with excellent fitness resources, such as cruise ships. Other destinations, like remote hotels or beachside cabanas, offer little more than sun, sand, and tanning oil, but that’s the beauty of being on vacation! Be sure to fully indulge in lounging and reading for the first couple of days. Try the local food and don’t stress about the unknown components of your first few meals.

Exotic Places, Exotic Fitness

There may not be a machine measuring the distance you have gone or calories you have burned so don’t be afraid to trust your personal instincts. If you are mentally comfortable with running on a treadmill for thirty minutes in the cool air conditioned gym, an eighteen to twenty minute run on the soft sand will most likely leave you exhausted. The sun can take a lot out of a person, so be sure to drink plenty of water before exercising outdoors.

Appreciate the non-repetitive aspect of working out on vacation. It’s great to not be confined to the same old machine you always work out on at home or have to stare at the same clock on the wall. Charge your iPod up and go on a fitness adventure-sit-ups on the hotel balcony or stretches in the sand. There’s nothing like a rewarding beach exercise.

Be Creative But Be Safe

Many resorts are often crowded and security guards seem to be a common sight. However, beyond the initial hotel property, there can be small desolate towns that do not provide comfort and protection. Before jogging down a muddy dirt road, ask the concierge if there are any risks that you should be informed about. Most importantly, tell someone where you are going before you decide to hike up a nearby trail or walk along an empty beach by yourself. Exercising at night in a foreign place is not encouraged; so keep the active part of your day within sunlight hours.

Vacations are meant to be enjoyable and for some individuals, working out is a very enjoyable activity. There is no reason to have to sacrifice the stress relieving elements that breaking a good sweat provides just because you are not at home. Have fun with your vacation fitness program and don't let anything get in your way.

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