Muscle Building and Sex Life

Bodybuilders and athletes, as well as other people involved in bodybuilding process always feel a certain impact on their sexual life. Many of those involved in muscle building and especially active weight loss process start to find that their desire for sex radically decreases and they lose pleasure in the act. Besides, those on very low-fat diets may notice a similar occurrence as well.

Overtraining can also play a crucial role in declining libido levels. When the overtraining symptoms  occur, not only will you likely lose interest in many of the daily activities you used to enjoy, but you'll also lose your sexual drive and desire.

It is important to monitor your body fat levels closely and make sure that you are getting enough rest in between training sessions. This factor is critical to your general health and your sexual shape.
Another indirect effect of training that can impact your sex life, but in a positive way is the stress reduction as a result of active training. Many men use weight lifting as a way to escape stress they are experiencing, and since stress is one of the biggest sex-drive murderers, this will obviously have a positive effect.

And another important factor  that could be affecting you is any type of supplements or anabolic steroids you are taking to improve your results of the workout. Steroids will increase sex drive drastically; but you must be warned that they, at the same time, can have the negative side effects of increasing breast size, causing impotence and creating testicular atrophy. IT a known fact the benefits of using steroids are many times reduced to zero by the adverse side effects of these compounds.

Other supplements that can influence the sex drive in some males include yohimbe, tribulus and horny goat weed. It is also important to know that human growth hormone (HGH) increase your sex drive, but this supplement actually isn't all that beneficial unless it's administered medically which is quite costly and even if used in anabolic cycles, it should be administered in correct doses and stacks.
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