Exercising when Sick with Fever or Flu

fever or flu

Yoga and exercise are considered an unwritten prescription to health and well being. Physical training requires a healthy body. Recovery from illness beyond a mild common cold requires physical and mental recuperation skills.

A gentle yoga or a simple walk might alleviate mild illness such as a runny nose or simple allergy symptoms. Overheating the already overheated body overworks the immune system and slows the recovery.

Catching Colds or Flu from Others

Sneezing adds thousands of droplets into the immediate surroundings. Partner yoga or adjustments by the instructor can increases the risk of sharing an illness. Philip M. Tierno PhD, Director of Immunology at N.Y. University Medical Center, reports 80% of all infections are passed primarily by direct or indirect touch. For example, the bacteria droplets in the air, from personal touch, or even doorknobs can pass streptococcus (the bacteria found in strep throat). Simple conversation can spread germs. Droplets can spread tuberculosis. This is one reason people in close quarters (such as classrooms or airplanes) to someone found to be infected often receive treatment. Similarly MRSA can survive on some surfaces for days. If already in a reduced immune situation from a cold or flu, the body has fewer defenses against a secondary infection.

Illness Etiquette During Activity or at Home

Coughing after a deep inhalation not only interrupts the flow of breath and the movement but also disrupts others nearby. Invisible droplets float through the warm humid air of practice. Illness is a susceptible condition to secondary illness. This is one way flu can progress to pneumonia. The weakened immune state might allow St.pneumoniae (the pneumonia germ) to be inhaled deep into the lungs. Sharing mats or Pilates equipment allows bacteria or virus transfer. Flu virus can last up to 48 hours on hard surfaces such as Pilates equipment and the bathroom door handle.. They may last several hours on mats and porous materials.

A sick body is a stressed body and stress intensifies the possibility of catching a second illness. Despite the seeming logic of attending yoga while ill to de-stress, this may be the time to practice at home. Additionally, why run the risks of infecting the 65 year old neighbor on the next mat who is recovering from breast surgery? Yoga should be part of a nurturing, safe environment.

Protecting Self from Further Illness and Protecting Others

Respect yourself and others by observing the following:
  • Stay home when not up to par.
  • Stay home with a fever.
  • Wash hands regularly
  • Don’t touch eyes or mouth unnecessarily.
  • Cough into elbow crease not into hands.
  • Bacteria can be treated with antibiotics.
  • Viruses do not respond to antibiotics. Some anti-virals will weaken the response, for example Tami-flu for influenza or valtrex for herpes
  • Consider immunizations that are availalble to protect yourself and others.

Listen to the well body but don't ignore the sick body. Rest, recover, and drink fluids.

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