Benefits of Push Up Bras and High Heels

Surgical breast enhancement is not for everyone. It's expensive, painful, not without risks and, if the result is not exactly the desired one, it's extremely difficult to reverse. The acquisition of a push up bra on the other hand, is a much easier alternative.

push up bras

The Positive Effects of Push Up Bras
The aesthtetic aspect of a push up bra is obvious. It lifts and forms without the pain, costs and discomfort of breast implants. It's essential however, to go to a very good shop, like Victoria's Secret and get thoroughly measured. The bra must fit perfectly and not be either too big or too tight. Too big cups that aren't filled by anything nature has given, will look artificial and too tight ones are uncomfortable. It's much healthier to wear the silicone pads which are stuffed into the cups on the outside of the body, rather than in the inside, i.e. under the skin of the breasts.

Wearing the new push up bra and admiring the result already lifts the spirit of an otherwise flat-chested woman and increases self esteem. There are however more benefits. It's human nature to look at a nicely curved female and getting admiring and even envious glances lifts the spirit and leads to a positive attitude.

Apart from that, wearing a push up bra, forces one to walk much more erect and to adopt a better posture. Slouching is just not possible with a push up bra underneath. Shoulders need to be thrown back to enhance the effect, the head automatically lifts and the entire person appears taller, straighter and, by association, more confident. Adding a smile rounds out the picture of a positive woman.
Bikinis and swimsuits are available with the same design, so the positive image can extend to the pool or beach.

Advantages of 3-inch Heels

Three inches is a moderate height for heels and a quite comfortable one. Generally speaking, wearing high heels not only improves a woman's height and confidence but also her posture and attitude. High heels force a shift of balance, as the heel is put on the ground first and that in turn makes for a more elegant and powerful gait. The spine is straightened and the hips move more, which is all by itself beneficial exercise.

The legs appear longer and even slimmer and inches are added to the height. It's not surprising, that models who are often already six feet tall, opt to wear high heels, not only on the catwalk but also in their private life. Wearing high heels conveys the impression that a woman cares about her appearance and hence about herself. Striding elegantly instead of slouching around improves self confidence.

A word of caution though: excessively high heels will achieve just the opposite. Nothing is more ridiculous than a woman "teetering" and about to topple over. Walking in high heels confidently also requires some practice, but if a habit is made out of it, the "gait" will soon come naturally.

A good start for wearing high heels is the choice of wedges. They give more stability to the ankle and have a broader tread. Finally: nothing is wrong with wearing flats from time to time, in fact orthopediacs recommend to change shoes often and to alternate between flats and heels. Trainers are of course called for when it's time for running or other exercise.

Summarising it can be said, that a few push up bras and several pairs of heels in a variety of heights should not be missing from any self respecting woman's wardrobe to improve her posture and boost her self confidence.

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