Bra Buying Guide and Tips for Hard-to-Find Sizes

Women with large bra cup sizes have few choices when it comes to buying bras. Regardless of the female frame size from petite size 2 ladies to size 22 girls, females with larger than average sized busts are ignored by the fashion industry.

How are Bras Sized?

There are, as most women know, two sizes in terms of bras. There’s the number like 34, 36, 38 and so on which is actually the measurement of the torso below the chest. Then, there’s the bra cup size which is based on a formula of added inches when the breasts are factored in.

An example in terms of bra sizing for average sized women (as defined by the fashion industry) would be that a woman with a 38 inch rib cage and a 40 inch (or 2 inch increase in measurement) chest would wear a B sized bra. A woman in this size would wear a 38B bra.

Different companies may factor the torso and chest size differently, and bra cup shapes differ as well, so there’s some variation. Some brands and styles will work for some women and not for others.

What About Top Heavy Women and Bras?

Most bras are sold in sizes from AA to D or DD bras with D bras being a difference of 4 inches on the chest measurement over the torso measurement. Many women are larger in the chest than 4 inches over the rib measurement, so there are bra cup sizes like DD, DDD, F, G, H, and I and even J (10 inches over rib cage size). Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find bras larger and mass marketed in size over D cup or sometimes DD. Trying to find a G bra is like looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in many cases.

For this reason and since most of the larger cup bras are ugly, many women buy bras that do not fit. Size H cup women may try to squeeze into department store DD bras or even buy one-size-fit-all bras which are definitely not really one-size-fit all. That’s like saying that size 9 shoes are the maximum and that women with size 11 feet can just squeeze those feet in and feel like a million bucks. Off-sizing makes for a miserable day to say the least.

Why Not Buy Plus Sized Bras?

Yes. There are plus sized bras, but there’s a huge difference between a large frame and large bra cups. A small woman may have a large chest for her frame, and big women may have a small or large chest compared to body frame size. Women are all different which good, unless it comes to trying to find bras for hard-to-fit sizes.

Women in plus sized fashions do have a few more options when it comes to bras, but a really busty plus sized woman will still have problems when trying to buy bras that fit in terms of cup size.

Smaller framed women are really out of luck. A female under size 36 on the torso will find it next to impossible to find bras that fit. Most companies do not even offer anything over size D cup for sizes under 36 inches.

Where to Find Large Cup Bras

Large breasted women will likely get very frustrated shopping for bras. Wal-Mart and the local department store do not cater to women who are well endowed. And, that’s a shame, since women with bigger chests especially need support for everyday living and do enjoy having pretty undergarments.

Shopping online for bras is the best option for females with large chests. A few companies do “get it” and do offer larger cup sizes. It is, however, important to be careful when shopping without being able to try on bras. All women are sized and shaped differently.

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