Benefits of Martial Arts

The benefits of practicing martial arts are multi-fold -- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Beyond the obvious benefit of obtaining physical exercise, karate and other styles of martial arts help students master self-discipline, respect, confidence, and serenity.

martial arts

Karate Provides a Physical Workout

First, karate exercises the human body, making it an excellent part of a physical fitness routine.

Practicing martial arts provides both muscular and cardiovascular benefits, as well as helping with balance, coordination, and endurance. From stances and kicks to blocks and strikes, all muscles in the body are stretched and strengthened, while completing forms (or hyungs or katas) and sparring provide aerobic exercise, working the heart and lungs. Holding certain stances for an extended period of time also teaches physical endurance and balance/coordination.

This combination of muscular/strength, cardiovascular, and coordination benefits makes karate an excellent sport to achieve and maintain overall fitness. In fact, people are sometimes surprised by the intense and well-rounded physical exercise they receive in a typical karate class.

Martial Arts Benefits a Person Mentally and Emotionally

In addition to the body, karate also works the mind.

Through learning basic moves, forms, and traditions at each belt level, martial arts students are taught focus, discipline, patience, and respect. These are valuable mental and emotional life skills, helping participants find peace and feel confident. This mental benefit is often a pleasantly unexpected side-effect for the first-time karate student, who may also surprise friends and family by becoming calmer and more confident in other areas of life.

Karate Transforms the Spirit and Soul

With practice and discipline, the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of martial arts -- strength, balance, self-discipline, relaxation, confidence, the list could go on -- transform into a spiritual awareness that opens a person’s eyes to fully live every single moment of life.

The mind-body connection of karate merges the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual into an overall way of life -- where a person lives in a state of mindful awareness. A person living this way stays alert to what occurs around him while also accepting what happens in life with trust and serenity.

Reaching this level of peace makes the physical and mental efforts of martial arts worthwhile and meaningful; even further, it connects a person more deeply to his or her spiritual beliefs.

Essentially, engaging in martial arts grounds a person -- body, mind, heart, and soul. This mind-body-spiritual connection helps karate students move toward achieving physical fitness, mental peace, and spiritual fulfillment.

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