How to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Relaxation is simply a way to unwind at the end of a busy day. Being proactive about protecting the body physically and emotionally can help strengthen the ability to be productive. When the body and mind are tired and worn out decisions made in professional and personal life will suffer. Here are three ways to use reduce stress and anxiety.

relieve stress anxiety

Moving through the day is filled with different types of stress. The way that stress is handled can determine if negative health problems will happen in the future. Stress that is not managed properly through exercise, diet, or other relaxation techniques can cause the body to be predisposed to experiencing certain diseases.

Healthy Diet

High levels of stress and a poor diet are associated with inflammation in the body. When the body is constantly inflamed it results in degenerative diseases. Examples are arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, auto immune diseases, and stroke.

Choose to eat foods that will help keep the body running optimally. Oranges, spinach, fatty fish, black tea, pistachios, avocados, raw vegetables, and almonds. Eat several meals and snacks throughout the day. Consume a light bedtime snack before bed to ward off unhealthy snacking in the middle of the night. Low fat or skim milk alongside toast and jam is an example of a great evening snack. Calcium in milk helps to reduce the frequency of muscle spasms and to ease PMS symptoms.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Moderate cardiovascular exercise three or more times a week for at least thirty minutes is important. During exercise the body produces endorphins. Theses hormones help to create a feeling of happiness which works to offset feelings brought on through stress from current situations at work or in the home.

Relaxation Therapy

Listening to calming positive music is a great way to unwind from a long day. Praying or meditating can help to remove stress and anxiety. Visualization exercises set to music can be purchased on a CD or uploaded to an iPod. Consider contacting a Relaxation therapist to find alternative natural remedies for stress.

Daily Planner

Making a list of written tasks before bed can help to create an action plan for the next day. It is easy to toss and turn and worry about issues or concerns that cannot be changed within the moment. Choosing to sleep instead of working through the night is important. Keep the list in a daily planner so that it is easily accessible.

Complete the most important tasks in the morning. This helps to clear out some of the worry and anxiety regarding tasks and errands. Eating a healthy diet, mediation, prayer, and cardiovascular exercise can help to reduce stress and anxiety naturally. Making lifestyle changes can help to increase the quality of life and emotional health.

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