How to Take the Stress out of Moving

Moving is described in Websters New World Dictionary as: a) Changing or causing to change, place or position. b) Causing to act; impelling instigation, influencing, etc. d) Arousing or stirring the emotions or feelings; especially arousing pathos.

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How to Avoid the Chaos?

Plan ahead. If the three most important rules for finding the best home in real estate are: Location, Location, Location, then the three most important rules for moving are: Plan, Plan, Plan.

Since moving is a stressful undertaking, having a well-thought out plan, helps the move go smoothly.

If the move needs to be at the end of the month, realize that a lot of others are also moving at this time, and your movers or your truck rental may be booked up. Unfortunately, truck rentals may be trying to accommodate all of the end of the month business, and even planning a month in advance may cause an interruption of schedule; especially if the end of month comes on a weekend.

Furthermore, if one is having friends and relatives help with the move, they may have to consider having the move on the weekend to accommodate their schedules as well. This could cause the move date to be moved up or down. Opt to have the date moved down. Moving the date up from it original time frame, will cause more stress.

Allow at least two weeks for having utilities connected and disconnected. In addition to water and electric, don't forget gas, and the cable guy. Be sure to return any modems belonging to a cable company, and get a receipt for it.

Otherwise, you may be charged for it in your final bill.

When leaving an area where one has lived a long time, there will be some good-byes and farewells to do with old neighbors, friends and possibly family members, as well. This, of course, adds to the stress, as it takes from time that could be spent packing and planning the move.

Also, there is a tendency to want to get up-to-date with children's and pet's shots, and doctor's visits; as well as seeing our dentists before leaving, as insurance plans at the new location, may not be accepted with local doctors.

Do Not

Do not try to do all at once. Instead of having all the pets groomed before leaving, for example, have one dog's toe nails trimmed or a hair cut at the new vet. This Will not only free up some time before moving, but also allow for vet shopping in the new location.

If the children are not due for shots or doctor visits, don't worry about getting their records or visits in before leaving. You can have the records sent electronically when needed.


Give at least two weeks notice for leaving any work position and allow thirty days notice if leaving a landlord.

If starting a new position in the new location, giving yourself at least a week to unpack and move in before staring is ideal.

Pace it all out, in step-by-step increments to lessen the stress and keep you move smooth.

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