Health Care is a Lifestyle Choice

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Although the latest raging battle amongst American citizens and politicians is referred to as the health care crisis, the many solutions, elements and principles proposed have little to do with health. Those opposing such proposals seem to be more concerned with sick care rather than health care. This clearly points out a glaring disconnect between long term wellness and the self reliance needed to care for one's own health and well being.

Unfortunately it may be too late for many to rescue their personal health from the jaws of poor eating habits, addiction and laziness. For those who are still relatively healthy and concerned about the future of their family's health care, the time to make a stand is now. Politicians, insurance corporations and pharmaceutical companies may wield a great deal of power in our country, however American citizens have access to great personal power. When discipline, focus and self reliance is embraced, the body is rewarded with higher levels of vitality, strength, endurance and wellness.

Discipline Creates Great Health Care

The increasing lack of discipline throughout our society is quite evident in our overall dependence on prescription drugs, fast food, cigarettes and alcohol. America has become a country mired in overindulgence, enablers and excuses. This type of behavior leads individuals to rely on the government and employers to bail them out. Discipline creates self reliance which leads to personal freedom. When it comes to optimal health and well being, discipline and self reliance frees the body from harmful foods, addictive behavior and inactivity, eliminating the need for emergency bail outs.

Discipline begins with very small steps, which with time become consistently rewarding. The process that ultimately sets the body free from dependence may seem difficult in the early stages, however with constant focus and determination comes a dynamic and healthy lifestyle.

The Results of Personal Health Care

Executing self reliance is the key to producing optimal results in regard to one's personal health care. The word care sums up this point. When individuals truly care about their long term health, they rely on their own perseverance to avoid potential illnesses, manage stress and eliminate toxic chemicals from their bodies. Greater levels of care and nurturing must go into food choices, daily exercise regimens and quality sleeping time.

Taking the body back is a proactive move designed to remove the emphasis from sick care, resulting in personal wellness and freedom. Activities such as weight lifting, yoga, hiking, running and meditation keep the body strong, flexible and healthy, while sharpening the mind, which in return becomes immune to stress, anger and fear. Great health care is therefore synonymous to an unbreakable connection between body, mind and soul.

All too often Americans expect their government, employers and religious leaders to act as care givers. There's an ongoing tradition that has recently developed which creates expectations that defy reality. The recent chaos witnessed during the town hall meetings held throughout the country is a product of misinformation combined with poor lifestyle choices coming to fruition. It's time to seize personal power in order to eliminate not only the toxic state of physicality, but also the poisonous rederick and mindless anger seeping into the consciousness of America.

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