Fight Depression and Anxiety - Natural Mood Stabilizers

Low spirits, loss of appetite, low energy, feelings of guilt, low self esteem are very common, and people of all ages and backgrounds can be affected by depression. Personal problems, financial worries and grief are just some of the many things that can trigger low moods.

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It's not called "fighting" depression for nothing. Overcoming anxiety and depression takes effort, which is not easy when energy levels and spirits are low. Taking action against low moods is a challenge, but much more effective than curling up under the duvet.

According to happiness researcher Sonja Lyubomirsky of the University of California, about 40% of a persons happiness is influenced by what they deliberately do to make themselves happy.

While serious and/or prolonged depression needs attention from a medical professional, these tips are for those days when a person feels "down in the dumps" and in need of some natural mood enhancers.

Mood Food

Diet has a big influence on mental well being. A diet deficient in vitamins and minerals, high in processed, sugary foods will lead to low energy levels, fatigue and feelings of ill health.

Eat as well as possible when experiencing low moods or anxiety - freshly cooked meals, colorful and nutritious salads, lots of fruit and vegetables, lean meat, fish and pulses. Oatmeal, walnuts, salmon, lentils and tea (one or two cups daily) are all particularly good mood foods which should be incorporated into the diet.

Cooking a meal from scratch can be very therapeutic. There is something about preparing a comforting meals that is very grounding. Bake fresh bread, make home made pasta, bake a cake - anything that gets the hands and mind busy.


Taking exercise is often the last thing people feel like doing when their mood is low. Depression and low energy levels tend to go hand in hand - most people prefer to stay indoors, perhaps even in bed instead.

Getting physically active can really help (although it might feel challenging to get up and out). Exercise is one of the best natural mood enhancers and a key weapon in keeping the blues at bay. Any form of exercise, especially where it involves a level of exertion will immediately boost the mood.

Exercise gets blood pumping around the body, gets oxygen to the vital organs, releases endorphins and lowers stress and anxiety. Exercise puts people in a better place mentally and is prescribed by many doctors to help depression.

A brisk walk, jogging, dance classes, martial arts - anything that will distract a person from what is upsetting him or her and get them to focus on something external.

Stay Positive

Unfortunately, depression breeds negative thoughts. It can be difficult to break the cycle but it is important to try and remain positive. Avoid the news, negative TV shows or people who do nothing but give out. Watch comedy instead or go see uplifting movies.

Cultivate a hopeful attitude. Instead of focusing on what is going wrong, focus on what is good instead - or take action to change situations for the better.

Stand tall, smile and be friendly to others - a positive, friendly energy will elicit positive responses from others.


Most people isolate themselves when suffering from depression and low moods. Brooding and focusing on problems makes it very difficult to get out of a funk, and makes it hard to put the issue in perspective.

Even if it takes superhuman effort, get out and socialize. Meet friends (especially positive and funny friends!), take a class - anything that distracts the mind and provides a change of scenery.


This is an odd one, but ever notice how good it feels to have a clean and tidy house? Home should be a calming, pleasant place to come home to.

Mess and clutter, a sink full of dishes, dirty washing - all these things can cause additional stress. Aim for a clean home to stave off the blues.

Scrubbing the house is a wonderful way to lift the mood - it is positive, will result in more orderly surroundings and gets a person up and active.

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