How To Relax And Focus Your Mind

Learning how to relax and allowing the mind to focus on one thing are often challenges adults face in a time-poor society. Activities like curling up to read a good book, joining a gym or going for a nice leisurely walk with the dog have almost become a treat in most people’s busy lives, rather than a regular occurrence.

Incorporate Relaxation into Your Schedule

Schools publish a timetable detailing when classes will be held and when the children will be allowed to play. This is done to enforce discipline and structure in their daily lives.

Similarly, drawing up a weekly schedule and posting it on the fridge is a great way for everyone to see who’s doing what, when. It also gives the individual a dedicated block of time to focus on a leisurely activity without fretting about their other chores.

Train the Mind to Focus

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Karina Hogan of OARSum Lifestyle questions whether it is indeed a lack of time or lack of focus people complain about when she is coaching them. She points out that everyone has the same number of hours – 168 every week, but the most successful and motivated people spend a big portion of their time partaking in productive activities. According to her, these individuals have unwavering focus and clear goals that are often recorded in writing.

It is also worth noting that people seldom complain about the lack of time when addressing their primitive needs. A good example is when finding a toilet becomes the main priority, the main focus for the next few minutes. People rarely complain about fitting this task into their busy schedule.

On its website, Biz/ed identifies this as an example of a “Physiological need” or basic functions of life from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. While learning how to relax may not trigger the same sense of urgency as some physical needs, learning to adopt the same mindset may help in providing the little push that is needed in making regular “me-time” sessions a reality.

Let Relaxation be the Sole Focus

Recently, in a blog for the Harvard Business Review, Peter Bregman revealed "Why I Returned My iPad." He mentioned how it was eating into his “boredom” time. Bregman claims that boredom serves an important function; he says that “being bored is a precious thing, a state of mind we should pursue. Once boredom sets in, our minds begin to wander, looking for something exciting, something interesting to land on. And that's where creativity arises.” This is the time when an individual manages to find and focus on a task the most, to beat this boredom.

Some argue that devices like the iPad and iPhone might enable multitasking, but eliminating each potential moment of “boredom” may result in an overworked and underproductive brain. Therefore, by eliminating all other sources of distraction and utilizing these moments of boredom — whether it be focusing on deep breathing while waiting for the train or bus, stretching arms and legs while waiting for the computer to start at work — it is possible to allow the mind to rest, rejuvenate and be fruitful.

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