Detoxing the Natural Way

Detoxing the Natural Way

Through the years of consuming an improper diet, the lack of exercise and the cultivating of bad habits, it's little surprise that so many are suffering from the diseases of today's modern lifestyle, diseases that could easily be prevented. Good health means more than just the absence of disease, it means maintaining a healthy body that resists sickness. The body is a marvelous system that can function well into old age when it is given what it needs to stay healthy.

Unfortunately, today's toxic environment and a lifestyle of stress makes it imperative that cleansing of accumulated poisons is done regularly throughout the year. The colon, kidneys and liver are important organs that are often hit hardest from the abuses of lifestyle. Their functioning decreases until the only remedy is through drugs and surgery.

There are easy ways to detoxify to make sure that the body gets the proper nourishment to do its job in fighting the diseases, viruses and pathogens that attept to invade it every day.

Proper Nourishment

This is not as easy to do in the hectic pace of life today. Many people have grown accustomed to a diet high in fat, sugar and carbohydrates with little in the way of nutrition. 7 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables should be the standard fare on everyone's plate, yet is seldom eaten. Low glycemic foods help prevent the sugar spikes that ultimately lead to insulin resistance and diabetes. Eating natural, organic foods are far better than what's customarily found on store shelves that have been treated with pesticides and chemical preservatives.

Regular Exercise

Everyone can benefit from regular exercise. Whether aerobic or strength training, exercise helps toward blood circulation. Sedentary conditions lead to the death of the cells furthest from the heart that often don't get the oxygen that can only come from exercise. Without proper circulation, toxins are not easily eliminated. Yet, a simple ten minute walk every day can help improve blood flow. Walking, climbing stairs or gardening can do great wonders to keep the body healthy.

Regular cleansing

The body is capable of healing itself and fighting disease without the aid of drugs. The environmental chemicals from car exhausts, industrial pollutants and smoking don't make it easy for the body to get rid of toxins. Because of today's environment, the colon, kidneys and liver require regular detoxifying. A good detox program includes fasting and the use of a sauna, both of which are extremely helpful in eliminating those stored poisons. High fiber foods have the benefit in cleaning out the gunk that accumulates in the colon that leads to constipation. Eating an apple a day helps keep the kidneys in good condition.

Drink Enough Water

Water is more important than food. It's the most important nutrient required by the body to maintain health. The body is composed largely of water. Most people simply do not drink enough water. A great proportion live in a constant state of dehydration. Fatigue, headaches, a weakened immune system are some of the results of the lack of water. Well before thirst strikes, the body is already in a state of decline due to lack of water. It helps to flush out the toxins before they have a chance to cause damage.

Supplement with Vitamins and Minerals

Most standard drugs are composed of chemicals which the body simply cannot use. Vitamins, minerals and herbs are essential for good detoxification. When compared to the standard RDA requirements for good health, most people are deficient in the proper nutrients. Supplementation is important to make up what is lacking in the standard diet. Without the proper nutrients, the body is unable to maintain its natural health.

If today's diet was rich in all the nutrients required for health, there would be no need for regular detoxification. Unfortunately, a good detox program is vital for survival in the toxic world of today. These five steps will help insure the body remains healthy into old age.

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