Dealing with Stress in Your Life

Stress in Your Life

Sometimes just stopping and looking at the thoughts that are going round and round in your head can help. It is all too easy to get into a rut regarding how we view or deal with a problem. Ask yourself why you always react in a certain way to triggers. Could there be another way to react? Could you change the way you think about a particular worry?

Positive Thinking to Help Deal With Stress

The way you think about something affects the amount of stress you feel about it. If you are convinced that you can't do something or won't be able to cope, then you won't. But if you tell yourself that you will manage although it may be difficult and will take a lot of effort, then you will be able to deal with your problems much better. Don't keep telling yourself that you are no good at something or are a failure because you're not.

Writing Down Your Worries in Order to Deal With Them

Make a list of all the things you are worrying about and which cause you stress. Take each one in turn and ask yourself what is the worst thing that can happen in that situation. Then ask yourself how likely that is to happen. It may be that it is extremely unlikely, in which case you are worrying unnecessarily; however if there is a possibility that it might occur, then think about strategies you can put in place now to help you deal with it in the event of it indeed occurring.

Cutting Your Worries Down to Size
Take your list of worries and put them in order of priority; which one needs to be dealt with first and which can wait. Then look at your top priority. Break it down into small, manageable bits and tackle each of them one at a time. Then move on to the next one. Dealing with just a small part of a problem at a time can make a big difference overall.

Try to tackle problems as they arise rather than putting them to one side. Dealing with something immediately can prevent it becoming a larger problem over time.

An old gentleman was asked if he had any advice to give the younger generation. "Yes," he said, "don't bother worrying. It's a waste of time." Easy to say but harder to do.

Dealing With Stress; Looking After Yourself

People who worry often put other's needs before theirs. If you are having to deal with stress, it is important to take care of yourself and make sure you set aside time for you. Someone who is healthy and feels positive about themselves is far better able to deal with whatever life throws at them.

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