Battling The Winter Blues

winter blues

Complaining about the cold weather and the gray starkness of winter is a deeply entrenched part of Canadiana, but for some people the winter blahs are a more serious matter. With the decreased hours of sunlight during the season throwing people's internal clocks into a state of confusion, the decreased exposure to natural vitamin D from sunlight can result in decreased serotonin production in the brain.

Serotonin is known as the "feel good" neutotransmitter that regulates mood. A deficiency of serotonin or receptor sites that allow the brain to retain the neurotransmitter can be a cause of depression or moodiness, which are key characteristics of the winter blues. Depression caused by the shorter hours of sunlight and lack of natural vitamin D exposure is also known as seasonal affective disorder, or SAD.

If you are dealing with SAD or feelings of depression throughout the year, it is important to consult a medical professional to be assessed and to learn about various treatment options available.
Here are some suggestions to help you start dealing with the winter blues:

Exercise Clears Out the Cobwebs
Nothing is more depressing (especially in the middle of a gray winter) than moping around the house without any motivation to do anything at all. Using your body and getting your blood pumping is a good start in dealing with SAD and living a healthier overall lifestyle. If you do not exercise regularly already, consult your physician before embarking on a new regime.

Exercise helps to invigorate your body and brain through oxygenation and is a natural way to relieve stress. Sometimes the thought of exercising can be daunting for those who have been leading an inactive lifestyle, but exercising doesn't necessarily mean lifting 100-pound weights or running marathons. Just walking for extended periods of time is an effective low-impact exercise that can go a long way towards clearing the mind of all those negative cobwebs.

Socializing Puts a Smile on Your Face

People suffering from SAD often feel very alone in the world and therefore try to face their battle with depression alone. Human beings are naturally social creatures, so the importance of being out amongst other people, especially during the winter blahs, cannot be overstated.

Invite family and friends over for dinner. Visit neighbours for a cup of tea and a chat. Become involved in community events and organizations and learn about what other people are doing in your corner of the world. Put yourself into a position where you can share a good story or a good laugh with someone else. Before you know it, you'll find yourself with a warm smile on your face despite the subzero temperatures outside.

Eating Healthy Builds a Strong Foundation For Your Being

When struggling with depression, some people tend to indulge in unhealthy comfort foods that are high in fats, carbohydrates and refined sugars. Other people lose their appetite altogether and stop eating the healthy foods that could give them the energy they need to pull themselves from the depths of despair.

Having a balanced diet rich with raw fruits and vegetables can go a long way towards regulating mood. Eating foods full of unhealthy fats and empty carbs can make you feel sluggish and unmotivated to exercise or socialize. Snacking on treats heavy with refined sugars may give you a short-term boost in energy, but the crash when the sugar high wears off can make depression even worse.

The battle with the winter blues can be won. It takes a proactive approach to living and a willingness to try new things in your daily routine. The blahs can turn into smiles when you realize that you're never alone.

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