Balancing Stress to Produce a Healthier Lifestyle

balancing stress

A hectic lifestyle is the norm for many people. There never seems to be enough time to do everything that must get done. Too many feel stressed, out-of-control with life. The ability to simply relax and forget about daily worries is sought after, but never found. Unfortunately, the major problem lies in the way life is lived, not in how much needs to get done.

The very act of living produces stress. But without some stress, no one would have any incentive to improve life. In today's world, stress has become chronic. Few people know how to relax from the moment they wake up groggy to the night when they attempt to get to sleep. High blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and many of the ills that plague society today are the result of being unable to cope with the pressures of life.

However, it's not so much the need to run to keep up with responsibilities as it is to use the methods that can improve life, restore balance and bring happiness.

Stress Self Control

The first step is to realize that control rests with the individual and not due to external circumstances. Many simply feel they must live up to some standard that society says they need to feel happy. But happiness is an individual thing. There are those who live simply without the trappings of material wealth. They have fewer problems than those who struggle to find happiness in owning big homes and fancy cars.

Reduce Stress Through Setting Goals

A hectic lifestyle is the result of having few goals. As nothing is mapped out, no one can know where they are going with their lives. That produces unnecessary stress and worry.

Reduce Stress Through Organization

Along with the lack of goals comes a disorganized life. Whether on the job or at home, a great deal of time gets wasted in frivolous activity that does nothing to advance career or lifestyle. Television and video games are excellent time wasters, but watching soap operas don't solve today's problems. An organized life allows for free time to reduce stress and enjoy the better things in life.

Control of Stress Through Diet

A wrong diet of fast foods doesn't provide the nutrients the body needs to stay healthy. Today's typical diet of high carbohydrates with fat and sugar create stress and produce illness. A wholesome diet of high fiber foods, fresh fruits and vegetables may take longer to prepare, but their health benefits balance the body so it is capable of handling the stresses of the day.

Exercise and Stress Control

A sedentary lifestyle guarantees high stress levels. Too few ever get the right amount of exercise to maintain health. It helps to increase circulation and better circulation moves oxygen to where it is needed most. Foggy thinking, fatigue and inability to make decisions are the result of a brain and a body not getting the oxygen needed to function. The very act of a simple walk every day produces the endorphins that create feelings of happiness.

Reducing Stress Through Relaxation

Relaxation does not mean taking a three week holiday in Hawaii. Learning to relax can be as simple as changing the work routine. It is possible to relax several times during the day. Simply closing the eyes for a few minutes, listening to some relaxing music and daydreaming can help alleviate stress. Those few minutes may be all that's necessary to relax facial, back, shoulder and neck muscles. The power of prayer and meditation have proved to promote clear thinking and increase happiness. Learning to relax is as much a part of exercise than staying in physical shape.

Balance Between Work and Play

Life cannot be enjoyed without the right balance between work and play. Everyone needs to set aside quiet time, time to enjoy the things that really matter to them and them only. After the workday is done, off hours should be reserved for the enjoyment of family and friends. Worrying about tomorrow is useless if today can't be enjoyed. Those fears about the future often don't materialize, so there's little need to focus attention on them. Today is all anyone ever has and the present moment is the best time to reestablish the right balance to life.

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