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Z-Health is an ever-evolving system for reprogramming the central nervous system. Relieving pain and staving-off aging-related movement problems are the major benefits, in addition to enhanced athletic performance. The Z-Health bonus: Instant Gratification.

“Z-Health focuses on the nervous system because it is the governing system of the body, responds the fastest,” Waak explains. “It is also the system that is the most adaptable and changeable if you challenge it. We use dynamic joint mobility (DJM) as the means to our end because within the body the joints have the highest proportion of movement-related nervous system sensors. This means we will get the fastest possible reprogramming.

As someone who is obsessed with efficiency and effectiveness, one of the primary appeals of Z is that it has scientifically-based assessment processes. This means that a Z trainer can determine almost instantly if what they did was actually beneficial, and if not, we have a protocol to follow to guide us to the next step.

I’m not an expert in alternative medicine by any stretch, but in my mind what sets Z apart from these other modalities is the assessment process. I don’t need to wait for two weeks to see if something works – I know in minutes.”

Waak, a 30-something information technology professional and certified Russian Kettlebell Trainer, has spent her teenage and adult life looking for the proper—and most efficient—fitness and health solutions. She first explored Z-Health out of sheer curiosity. She had heard about it through, which is the leading Kettlebell website, and had read great reviews. She bought R-Phase, which is a DVD and manual encyclopedia of Z-Health, and had spent some time with it, but still didn't understand it. Then, fate—in the form of a coupon—intervened.

A few months later Z-Health offered a discounted private session with Dr. Eric Cobb, the creator of Z-Health, as part of a Dragon Door promotion. Luckily for me, Dr. Cobb and I both live in Seattle, so I was able to take advantage of the discount.

“The first time I went to see Dr Cobb, I wanted to see if he could fix my low back pain,” she recalls. “I had broken my back in a car accident when I was 16, and had chronic low back pain ever since. We did some basic ROM (range of motion) tests, and my shoulder ROM wasn’t good. He had me do some drills with my feet, which I now know are toe pulls, and then we retested my shoulders. My arms just flew up. I got this incredulous look on my face and instantly knew I was on to something. I had no idea how it worked, but I was certainly going to find out.”

“I went back a couple of weeks later because I was going to India and Bhutan for two-and-a-half weeks, and was petrified that my low back was going to give out from all of the flying, time on a bus, hiking, carrying bags, etc. All I could think was, “I need him to fix me”. I was feeling better from my first session, but my back still had me worried.

“He gave me a few more drills and just told me to stick with it. I went on my trip, took my R-Phase with me, and religiously did drills every day. I came home from that trip feeling the best I could EVER remember feeling. Two and a half weeks in flat shoes and lots of Z works miracles.”

The day after that first session, Waak sent an email to Dr. Cobb’s office, asking about certification. She has now been “Z-ing” for a year, and is learning something new almost every day. She is a Level 3 trainer, and will be Level 4 by May.

Using a trainer is the most optimal way to get results, especially if the desire is to get results fast. There are also things that are nearly impossible for people to detect on their own, such as visual and vestibular (inner ear/balance) issues.

However, those who want to try Z-Health on their own can start by checking out R-Phase. This initial, do-it-yourself program is designed to do three things: teach a person how to rehabilitate his or her own pain and injuries, help restore normal range of motion, and teach specific methods to re-educate the nervous system.

“People can absolutely use Z on themselves and get excellent results,” Waak explains. “From a prehab/rehab standpoint, R-Phase is an amazing tool. If you adhere to the concept of “the perfect rep” and do low numbers of focused drills you can see results quickly. Most people say they feel better, have more energy, and just feel like they “move better.”

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