6 Tips for Living a Happy Life

happy life tips

The reality though is happiness comes from within, literally from inside a person’s brain. The chemicals released in healthy brains are controlled beyond genetic makeup, but by the stimulus chosen.

Figure Out What you Love to Do and Do it

Many people would prefer to earn an income from the things that they love to do. If this isn’t possible at the moment, a person can cultivate their hobbies and must make some time for them. If you are someone though who “hates their job” today is the day to begin the search for what will be satisfying. Finding a career path based on interests and strengths will add more happiness to a person’s everyday life.

Meditation and “me time”

It all begins with breathing, and when stressed we do not breathe correctly. Practicing mediation which focuses on the mediators breath, allows the body to instantly distress. It also gives the person a few minutes to allow their thoughts to just travel down the stream of their minds. Combining Yoga with meditation adds a powerful ally for the body. Quick tip to receive instant stress is to take the tip of your tongue and press it on the roof of your mouth near your two front teeth, which presses on a nerve that will cool the person down.

Taking Stock of Your Accomplishments

Focusing on our accomplishments, even if they are not grandiose such as winning an academy award, but rather what was a successful audition, or performance with a community theater, even better, when it has happened after previously being rejected. Maybe striving to be a better cook, a better parent, or just master a hobby you love. People, who focus on the steps they have taken on the way, feel more empowered to keep that momentum up. Always look at how far you have come in different areas of your life. At one point in your life, you didn’t know how to read, but now you’re reading this article.

Be Grateful

People, who are grateful for the things they have in the life, feel more full filled then those who are always trying to reach for something they may already have. Being grateful can be in the beauty of the day, the sun is shining, or even sometime cloudy days can be beautiful. Find what is remarkable about your life, even if it isn’t perfect because perfection does not exist.

People who do not feel grateful often focus on the faults in their lives, what is wrong with their homes, or their pay, as opposed to how lucky they maybe to have a home and what is good about it, or how their job maybe has excellent hours and is satisfying even if there are poor benefits. If a person focuses on just the things they do not like, that is all they will see.

Surround Yourself with Positive People and Activities

Having at least one unselfish friend who is always upbeat and sees the positives in situations and life helps keep a person focused. The more friends the more positive energy, and like attracts like, if you don’t have any positive friends, be a positive one. Don’t listen to naysayers or people who are judgmental. Often it is those judgments from others that tell more about them, than it does about the person being judged.

Accept the Things you Cannot Change

The proverb “To accept the things I cannot change, change the things I can, and have to the wisdom to know the difference” is as true as it can get for keeping the peace with you. Understanding that we do not have total and complete power over all things is acceptance, letting the individual off the hook where necessary.

Trying to lose weight and struggling? You’re eating right, your exercising, but the pounds are not coming off, it is better to go to a doctor and find out why. Sometimes it means certain hormones are to blame, and once corrected the body will follow. Accepting that struggle is not always within our control and is not always because we have done something wrong opens the door to finding the answer and for freedom from our own self persecution.

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