Natural Measures to Combat Stress

Stress is a major cause of health problems today; these in turn create stress, starting a vicious circle. Some causes of stress, like the immediate physical environment, may not be within one’s control, but much can be done to naturally alleviate stress and minimize its ill effects.

combat stress naturally

Controlling Stress by Simplifying Life

One of the major causes of stress today is a complicated lifestyle; therefore, simplification is a major step towards reducing it. The first step is to identify priorities, take stock of one’s life and introspect on what changes are required for a happier and fulfilling life. Next, one has to implement the changes required to simplify life, whether it is something major like switching careers or a simple one like shopping at a different outlet. Starting with small changes is often a good way to cut stress.

Steps to simplifying one’s life include keeping within a budget to reduce financial stress, using less expensive and simpler gadgets and having realistic goals.

Clutter at home or in the workplace is often responsible in subtle ways for creating stress. Alternative therapy practitioners advocate the practical measure of creating physical “space” by clearing out unwanted clutter, and disposing of anything that is not useful or beautiful. This is also part of simplifying.

Managing Stress Through Time Management and Attitudes

Stress is often caused by taking on more than one can cope with, lack of a balanced schedule or just procrastination. Therefore, the solution lies in having clear expectations and goals, avoiding commitments beyond one’s capabilities or time constraints and working to a schedule.

Attitudes are responsible for the way individuals handle stress. It is essential to remain positive and be flexible and adapt to changes, especially when circumstances are beyond control. Tackle problems in a systematic and logical manner, without letting stress cloud clear thinking.

Practical Measures Helps in Stress Management

Healthy measures like a nutritious diet and enough water, regular and sufficient rest/sleep and regular physical exercise are simple and effective ways of combating stress. The body undergoes changes during stressful times, so inclusion or increase of certain food items help to alleviate stress.

Yoga and tai chi are gaining popularity in combating stress, while walking is the best and easiest exercise. Breathing techniques and visualization exercises are also recommended.

It is also important to take breaks or holidays (even a short weekend one) to diffuse stress. Nature is the best healer, so even a walk in the park, on the beach or in any natural setting reduces stress.

Controlling Mental Stress

Stress begins in the mind, so practices like meditating, reading inspirational literature, studying and appreciating works of art or listening to music help to alleviate stress and change perspectives. Reading, writing, painting and music are cathartic hobbies that help to channel negative thoughts. Other hobbies like gardening are physically and mentally de-stressing.

Toxic relationships or lack of relationships cause emotionally draining mental stress, so cultivate healthy friendships, mend relationships within the family, and shun those that leach energy and foster negativity. Quality time spent with family and friends and sharing of good and bad times keep stress levels under control.

Sparing time and effort to help those in need, even if it is teaching a poor child or visiting an old age home, is one way to see life in a different perspective and automatically diffuses stress.

Stress is a common condition, which can be alleviated by natural means like a simple, healthy lifestyle, time management, healthy relationships and hobbies and a positive attitude.

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