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With hectic schedules, overload at work and handling household chores, not to mention family concerns, it is no wonder why the body cries out for love, the mind seeks balance and the spirit is shaken to the core.

When is the Right Time to Take Time Out for Self?

The best possible answer to this very question is, now! Now is the time to care for self. Waiting until the body is tense with aches and pains, or the mind is stressed with too much to handle, is too late. It’s okay to have some stress, in fact according to health experts, a little stress is beneficial.
Consistent, ongoing stress, however, without some sort of release is unhealthy.

Why is Consistent, Ongoing Stress Unhealthy?

Seventy five percent of the general population experience at least “some stress” every two weeks, according to a National Health Interview Survey. Prolonged stress however can lead to development of alcohol abuse, drug addiction, cigarette addiction and even suicide.

A whopping 70% of health-care costs stem from preventable diseases according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. And according to the Cooper Wellness Program, stress contributes to 85% of all medical problems!

The Stressed Mindset:

  • Rushes about in conversation or performing daily tasks
  • Reaches for outside stimulation ie coffee, tv, alcohol, money, sex etc
  • Stays on top of things, even if it means becoming exhausted in the process
  • Concerns self about past, future or what someone else should or should not be doing

Health Concerns

Digestion can begin to slow down when one is under stress. There is a greater risk for heart disease and stroke. Some may experience hair loss, anger, depression or feeling of loss of control in life.

Managing Stress

  • Listen to the body and pay attention to feelings, so that relaxation techniques can be implemented before pressure begins to mount
  • Walk in nature to calm the mind
  • Meditation to allow the mind to rest and to connect with spirit
  • Stretch throughout the day at work to keep the circulation in the body flowing smoothly
  • Take time to journal – express thoughts and concerns on paper
  • Allow the mind to wander at least fifteen minutes daily; only positive and uplifting thoughts
  • Allow other thoughts to drift, as if they were clouds in the sky
  • Make a list of things to do and then relax before tackling
  • Do not allow feelings to bottle up – express them calmly without putting blame on another
  • Hire a Certified Life Coach to help you organize priorities and find passion again.
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