Body Toning Weight Exercising Tips on a Budget

There aren’t many people in the world who wouldn’t want a fitter, more toned looking and feeling body – unfortunately it never comes easy. The gym is the most well-known method for all those fitness buffs obsessed with huge, hulking muscles as well as for the more casual goers, but it takes a lot of willpower to commit to gym visits for a self-imposed period of time. The traveling, the weather, their personal mood – there are many external factors to put people off and make them consider skipping a session, which in turn is a step backward from achieving the desired look.

The cost can also put people off training – gym membership can be quite expensive (and that’s if they’re able to find a gym nearby still accepting new membership). That’s what this guide is all about: there’s no need for anyone to confine themselves to a gym routine when they can do the appropriate exercises in their own home at a fraction of the price.

Training in the comfort of home is very cost effective and it can be more reassuring for the confidence of those who feel intimidated in a gym environment. All anyone needs are a pair of weights (either lifting-based metal weights or strapped arm weights) – they don’t even need to be overtly heavy weights; anything between 2.5 to 5 kg each should do the trick. Most people often think they have to use heavy weights to get their desired toned body – they are right in that assumption, but the same effect can be achieved with light weights, simply by substituting the superior weight with greater repetition.

Below are a couple of exercises that help to tone the muscles. Due to the lightness of the weights, these exercises should be done in sets of either 25, 50 or 100 at least four-five times a week to have the desired effect.

Body Toning Weight Exercises

Shoulder Fly (Lateral Raise)
The shoulder fly is one of the more advanced and therefore tougher exercises and not one that should be done as a starting exercise. Start this exercise with the legs apart from a standing position with both weights in hand and arms by the side. Then, without moving the legs and keeping the arms straight, lift the arms until they are at a horizontal angle. Then slowly let them drop back down (without letting them fully rest). Three sets of 25 should do fine (slowly progressing up to three sets of 50). This helps to tone out the shoulders as well as side-chest muscles.

Chest Fly
The chest fly is similar to the shoulder fly, except it is done lying down. Starting with both arms slightly bent above the chest, bring them down until they are at a horizontal angle. Without touching the floor, the arms should be brought back to the starting position. This exercise mainly tones the front chest muscles as well as the biceps (front arm muscles).

Bent-Over Row (One Armed)
This is an effective exercise for the back and triceps (back arm) muscles. From a bent forward position with one knee resting on an elevated surface (the remaining standing leg should be the same as the lifting arm), bring the arm up until it is bent at a 90-degree angle. Two sets of 100 for this exercise should be enough.

Shoulder Shrug (Dumb Shrug)
The shoulder shrug is an exercise solely based on toning the shoulders. From a standing position with arms by the side and legs together, simply do a shrugging motion. One or two sets of 100 should be enough.

Overhead Press
The overhead press is a tough but all-round beneficial exercise that mainly works the shoulders but also tones the triceps, the abdominal muscles and the back. From a standing position with the weights resting on the shoulders, extend both arms upwards until they are vertical, and then slowly bring them down to the starting position. This can be quite tough, so two sets of 50 (working up to two sets of 100) should done the job.

Biceps Curl
This is a great exercise for the biceps. Starting from a standing position with arms down by the side, lift either both arms or one at a time to chest height, until the arms are bent in a "V" shape. Two or three sets of 100 should be fine – later, try going up to three sets of 200 or 300 lifts.

These exercises, along with healthy eating and the more common exercises such as sit-ups, press ups and jogging, will result in a fitter, more toned body in no time.

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