Eating Before Bedtime

A lot of people conclude their final meal at supper and don’t eat again until the morning. This is a big error because while you are sleeping your body has sufficient time to consume what you fed it, and then begins to work away at itself.

The best food items to drink before bedtime are any dairy product such as yogurt, cottage cheese, or milk. Milk products take the body longer to digest, so you don’t have to worry about the body feeding on itself while you are sleeping.

Pre-bedtime Eating

Many people wake up in the middle of the night with desire to consume some form of food product to assure their body with constant nutrition. You need simply consume some milk products before bed and you’re set.

For this reason, many athletes save a part of their bulking shake as a pre-bedtime snack. It’s loaded with calories and lots of milk products, so they have nothing to worry about while sleeping.
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