Breathing Exercises: Japanese Technique

Simple as it may sound, deep breathing helps cleanse, relax, and also energize your body. Deep breathing means contracting and releasing your abdomen to draw air into your lungs. Try these easy Japanese self-massage techniques to increase the power of your breathing

Abdominal Breathing
Sit down, with your legs lucked beneath you. Place one hand over your stomach and the other behind your back. breathe in and feel your abdomen expand. As you breathe feel it contracting and your hands moving towards each other.

Energy Breathing
Once you have got used to deep breathing you can move on to the second stage of cultivating energy through it. Again sit with your legs tucked beneath you, and hold your hands in a prayer position. Try to imagine a fire roaring in your stomach. As you breathe in, imagine the flames being fanned: as you breathe out. Imagine these flames going up and into your hands. Repeat this sequence six times.

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