A Walking Stick is a Unique Christmas Gift

walking stick

A walking stick has become more than a tree limb harvested from the forest floor. They are now produced in all lengths and designs. They are a great gift for young hikers and provide a safety measure while enhancing their outdoor image. Walking sticks also make a perfect Christmas gift for seniors, because they portray a sporty look, rather than fragility.

Unique Christmas Gift for Hikers

Hikers like walking sticks as well as “trekking poles” (two walking sticks), because they are great for crossing water or difficult terrain, breaking falls, and as an emergency back up for a twisted ankle and a long trek home. They reduce stress on the knees. Walking sticks make hiking easier, both going up and down hill. They are good to have along if you encounter an aggressive animal. They might help women hiking alone appear less vulnerable to assault.

Using trekking poles actually helps burn more calories with less effort. There are even special techniques for use of such poles, including Nordic walking, Exerstriding and hiking. It is strongly recommended that one study the instructions to derive the most benefit from trekking poles.

A Great Christmas Gift for Aging Parents

A person walking with a cane receives polite smiles. A person walking with a hiking stick is either passed by or asked, “Where did you buy that?” Walking sticks are fashionable, useful and beautiful. Most are hand crafted from many types of wood and decorated with leather or carvings and come in beautiful shapes. Just as for hikers, walking sticks improve balance, and spare the back and knees. For the elderly who are somewhat unsteady, but too proud to use a cane, a walking stick may be the perfect solution.

Variety of Styles

Hiking sticks come in all sizes and strengths and are meant for both men and women. Although most are made from solid wood – often directly from a branch, they are also available in lightweight aluminum. They can be custom made and personalized, equipped with a pouch and can even be made to glow in the dark.

Walking sticks can come with specialty grips and “J” handles and there are sticks available in “extra tall.” The designs on the sticks are attractive and diverse, and appeal to almost any taste. Walking sticks may be styled for formal occasions or they can come in woodsy, primitive looks that make a “rough outdoors” fashion statement.

Choosing a Size

Hiking sticks are generally longer than walking sticks. Aluminum sticks can be adjustable. According to Willow Creek™, a manufacturer of walking sticks, hiking sticks should be six to nine inches above the elbow, standing with your arm hanging down by your side.

For walking sticks or staffs, there is a general rule of thumb that for persons of average height, the stick should be slightly less than five feet tall. If you are above average height, the stick should be slightly taller than five feet. Some prefer shorter walking sticks, in the range of 35 to 40 inches. Makers of walking sticks will assist in helping buyers determine the exact length of walking stick for the individual’s height.

Talk Softly and Carry a Big Stick

A useful companion and an important accessory for exercise and safety, walking sticks and hiking sticks are great gifts for both young and old. They make a great Christmas gift for youth who thrive on outdoor activities and are also the perfect gift for elderly parents who like to go out and take a holiday stroll.

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