The Five Rules for Health and Happiness

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For many optimum health is an illusion. They spend millions to lose weight and millions more to feel well, but sickness and disease seems to increase as the months and years go by. The older they get, the sicker they are.

Part of the blame can be placed on today's environment. Foods are filled with additives, pesticide residues and chemicals. The air is filled with industrial pollutants and car exhausts. A lifestyle of fast food, high stress and bad personal habits insures that few days are ever spent completely free of pain.

But no one really needs to live in pain. Throughout history there have been many who have lived into old age and worked free of pain alongside the younger generation. Serious illness was relatively unknown among native Americans before the white man landed on America's shores.

The human body is a remarkable system with checks and balances built in that, when used properly, insures that sickness doesn't occur. But if it does, the body has an arsenal it can rely on to arrest any viruses and diseases before they take a toll on health.

No one is meant to be sick and no one is destined to live a life of pain and misery. There are simple ways to live a healthy lifestyle. The only reason why people become sick is due to the transgression of certain laws that insures vibrant health into old age.

A Good Diet

Today's fast pace of life doesn't leave much room to eat a good diet. What is eaten is convenient, easily digested food that lacks the essential nutrients the body needs to stay healthy. When it doesn't get the vital nutrients, it can't be effective fighting the pathogens, germs and viruses that invade it on a daily basis.

The Law of Activity

Man was meant to be active throughout life. But today's environment promotes inactivity. Millions live a sedentary lifestyle. From the moment they get up to the moment they retire, they sit, stand or lie down. They exist in an artificial environment, staring at computer screens and televisions. If they get exercise at all, it comes from fingering the remote while playing video games. Children today are at increased risk of developing many of today's illnesses common to the adult population. Without activity, the body cannot burn off calories and is less efficient at ridding itself of the toxins it accumulates regularly.

A Positive Mental Attitude

Worry, fear, anxiety are mental problems that plague many people regularly. Problems are ongoing with little hope for solutions. High blood pressure wrecks havoc on the body and reduces the ability to think and reason. For many relief comes in a bottle or a pill. But these methods simply do not address the underlying problem. Keeping a positive frame of mind in a negative-minded society is almost impossible. But the mind, like the body, needs time off to recover and reestablish health.

The Body-Mind Connection

The body is not a separate organ from the brain as it requires a well functioning mind to help keep it healthy. Yet too many people live life as if their bodies were nothing more that a convenient vehicle to get through every day without complaint or any maintenance. In order to address ill health, it is necessary to take every area into account. Reliance on a doctor and the medical marvels cannot substitute for taking the personal incentive to stay healthy.

The Law of Relationships

No one can live long in isolation. Yet today's society with its telephones, cell phones, email and other communication devices create isolation. A happy and healthy life means staying connected with someone. Many people have cultivated greed and selfishness as a method to cope, but this further isolates them. Living a peaceful existence is based on how well the society and its people get along with one another to stay strong and healthy.

True health can never be achieved unless everyone begins to focus on their health and promote the health and well-being of everyone around them.

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