The P90x Program

p90x program

Most everyone has seen the infomercials for P90x; hard, lean bodies with bulging muscles and rock hard abs training like warriors for battle. On first glance it may seem like all the other late night infomercials for the next greatest miracle workout product. However, for those willing to take just a little closer look, they will notice that this isn’t some miracle belt or amazing potion or cheap apparatus claiming to reshape someone’s body in five minutes a day. No, P90x is a real workout program designed for someone who wants to change their body and change their life in a positive and healthy way.

For someone lacking the motivation and dedication to workout for 45 minutes a day, this program is probably not for them. No, they should stop reading and go back to the infomercials and look for the 3 minute abs program! This is a genuine sweat-producing, gut-busting program, designed by certified trainers.

This program offers real results that can be measured and seen in the mirror.

The key to the P90x program is muscle confusion. The workouts are very intense and they are altered on a regular basis to force the muscles to continually adapt to new stimuli. By introducing new exercises and routines, the muscles are prevented from reaching a plateau where noticeable improvements begin to level off. By not allowing the muscles to acclimate to the same exercises over an extended period of time, they are forced to work harder and continue to adapt. This intensity and confusion will create noticeable improvements and results in the shortest period of time.

The P90x program contains twelve videos that cover a wide range of valuable topics relating to fitness and health. A number of the videos detail the exercises and routines for various muscles groups such as legs, chest, arms, and shoulders. In addition, there are also videos on cardio, plyometrics, stretching, yoga, and abs. Along with the videos, there is a detailed nutrition plan offering recommended foods, daily meals, and a variety of healthy recipes to help someone achieve their nutritional goals.

After purchasing the P90x program, the user should not expect miracles overnight. No, six-pack abs can’t be achieved in only 10 minutes a day for 3 weeks. But they can be achieved with the P90x program if the motivation is there. Get lean and in shape and the change will be overwhelming. This is a real workout program; it’s like having a personal trainer every day of the week. Success usually takes plenty of effort and time. Anyone who utilizes the P90X program should expect to work with intensity, expect to sweat, and expect to change their physique and their life.

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