Keep Your Brain Kickin' by Practicing These Five Activities

You are not always young and so is your brain. You will not all the time remember the name of that person giving you his business card a few weeks earlier -- whether John or James. You will not always remember where you put your favorite children’s book -- whether at your study or on your bedside table.

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Just like other visible parts of your body, your brain needs regular workouts. It even needs to be fed with healthy foods, just in case you forgot. Try practicing these five activities below to start keeping your brain young, healthy and rockin’:

Opt for Natural-colored Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and veggies with natural yellow, red and green colors have significant nutrients for the health of your brain. Some examples of these are red paprika, onion, broccoli, beet, tomato and carrot.

Chew Your Food for About 20-30 Times, and Slowly

The more you age, the more likely you lose the vitamins and minerals inside your body, due to the more inefficient your digestion system in digesting and absorb your nutrient intake. It's time to savor your food even more by chewing slowly to keep up with the rhythm of your digestion system.

Stay Hydrated by Getting 1-2 Liters of Water Intake a Day

Parreta, in her book, Bikini Fit (2004), mentions that drinking 1-2 liters of water every day – despite your age -- can boost your awareness and alertness in running your daily activities, no matter how ‘mundane’ they are.

Avoid or Reduce Stress

This is the one obvious thing that affect your brain power, whether you’re as young as a teenager or as old as your grandparents. You can reduce or even avoid stress by increasing your intake of key nutrients, like vitamins B (for instance, broccoli and avocado) and C (for example, apple and pear). Said vitamins are able to help protect your body from the long-term effect of stress and/or stress caused by traumatic incidents.

Do Unusual Exercises for Your Brain

New studies suggest people to keep their brain active and young by doing new, unusual or the opposite of their regular activities. This could be anything. If you are used to wake up with the smell of a cup of black coffee, at other times try to wake up with the smell of the scent of vanilla, for example. Another example of exercise could be opening the key of your door while closing your eyes, so that your brain keeps being active as your hand tries to grope in the dark.

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