How to Preserve Your Muscles in Off-training Season

Sometimes people are faced with the inability to go to gym for a long time (exams at the university, long work trips,  vacations or a prolonged illness, etc.). If you miss a week or two, it will be even useful - the muscles and the central nervous system will have a full recovery. Well, if you skip a month or two, the situation is less promising. Hypertrophied muscle fibers during regular workouts could be reduced due to lack of their body's need to "supply" The greater the mass is, the greater is the chance of losing a significant part of it. In addition, the more difficult is to build up muscles, easier (faster) they are reduced under the influence of the factors contributing to it (in particular the absence of a long power loads).

Bodybuilder Resting

How not to lose muscle? One way to solve this problem may be the intake of vitamin E. The American scientists as a result of the experiments found that vitamin E helps to strengthen cell membranes of muscles and does not pass through the membrane substances that atrophies the muscle cells. It was also found that vitamin E supports phospholipids, which are among the main components of the membrane itself.

Necessity of vitamin E is relevant not only in the absence of exercise, but also during active workout. Thus, in case of deficiency of this vitamin, the amount of myosin, glycogen, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and creatine in muscle is reduced. In such circumstances, the athlete experiences hypotonia and weakness in the muscles.

In order to prevent muscle loss during the absence of training one should take a daily vitamin E at a dose of 50-100 mg. This recommendation may be followed not only in cases of prolonged absence of undesirable practice, but in the scheduled period of rest from training.

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