Cultivating Health and Happiness

health and happiness

No matter how you slice it when it comes to finding health and happiness the key lies within. Connecting to your true self is the backbone to successful living and how you connect with the world around you. Finding out about who you are and why you do what you do is a process and journey available to all of us. It is at the core of our true nature that we find this equanimity. So how do we go about excavating our true nature?

Ancient Disciplines:

Step 1: Incorporate the Feng Shui Philosophy:
The ancient art and science of feng shui explores our natural world and our place in it. When we commune with nature we begin to see the simplicity that exists within the complexity. By connecting to the world around us we begin to live our life according to the laws of nature, and, as a result, we attract peace and harmony into our life. The more we can replicate nature in our living and working spaces the closer we come to realizing our true essence and the ability to find our highest level of health and overall contentment.

Step 2: Take Up The Practice of Yoga:
Yoga is another ancient discipline that honors the true self by focusing on a union or yoking of the mind and body. It is a personal journey and discovery process that uses a combination of poses (asanas) in a moving meditation to uncover the layers or (Koshas) to the divine self (Anandamayakosha). The more you practice this ancient discipline the more you will begin to uproot your true self and find a state of well-being.

Step 3: Practice a State of Contentment:
In yoga, one of the Niyamas or observances is called Santosha. Santosha means contentment or a great happiness and underlying joy that cannot be shaken by life's tough moments. If you let go of constantly wanting your life to be different, you will naturally find more ease and be content with what is.

Step 4: Shift Your Perspective:
Break out of your regular routine and begin to notice how this simple change can impact how you see everything. Changing your perspective can be liberating and help you discover who you truly are.

Step 5: Think Green:
Take the time to respect the planet and in essence you are respecting your true self. Commit to a single day every week and avoid disposable products. Pay attention to what you are consuming and discarding on a daily basis. This is a very empowering self practice.

Step 6: Embrace Silence:
Meditation is the most effective way to cultivate self-awareness. Take time daily to be quiet and simply do nothing. Then just notice the sounds of nature, people, and the pulsation of life itself. This simple act has amazing health benefits.

Step 7: Be Creative:
Let go of logic, strict routines and let your creative juices flow. When we allow our creative side to step forward it has a way of naturally bringing a state of balance into our life. The idea is to enjoy the process and not get hung up on the final outcome.

Cultivating a life of health and happiness is a work in progress. Following the aforementioned steps undoubtedly will assist you in tapping into the wellspring of perfection that dwells deep within. Take your time, honor the process, and most of all relax in the moment.

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