Does Anger Management Counseling Work?

Anger Management Counseling

Anger management counseling is supposed to help individuals learn to deal with angry feelings and emotions without blowing up and acting based on those feelings and emotions. But does it work? By understanding a little about how anger management counseling is supposed to help, individuals can determine whether it will work for them or not and how to find a great anger management counselor.

The Goal of Anger Management Counseling

Anger management counselors typically have several goals they will work on with clients throughout the counseling sessions. Helping the individual determine what things are important enough to get angry over might be one of them. By putting things into perspective, clients can see how unimportant something is that might have set them off in the past, such as a dropped call or a traffic issue.

Another goal would be to provide the client with tools he can use when he becomes angry, rather than lashing out at those around him. For instance, writing down one's feelings is a lot safer than screaming and yelling at innocent bystanders. Other goals might include finding a support system to encourage one during the counseling and changing the mindset so that the client looks at his or her anger in a different way. To learn more, visit at Health.

Does Anger Management Counseling Work?

Even with all of these tools handy, there is still the most important question – does it work? One study done by the Office of the Commissioner of Probation in Massachusetts followed a group of 945 individuals who were sent to different treatment programs including anger management courses, batterer intervention programs and drug/substance abuse programs. The study found that individuals who took the 12 to 20 week anger management programs had a higher completion rate than those referred to the other programs.

That said, there is still very little information about whether anger management counseling actually works. However, learning the skill sets and tools available to individuals can help them control their anger and outbursts. In the same way a person struggling with parenting can learn skill sets that help, those who struggle with anger can learn skill sets that help as well.

Finding an Anger Management Counselor

In order for individuals to truly benefit from anger management counseling, they need a counselor they can identify with and feel comfortable with. It’s important to speak to at least a few different counselors before choosing one. Individuals should feel that they could speak freely to their counselors and feel comfortable around them. One way to find a great counselor is to ask for a recommendation from someone who has undergone counseling in the past. Join an anger management support group and ask for recommendations there. Individuals who have had success with their counselors are typically more than willing to refer others to them.

By using the information available, individuals can find anger management counselors and get the important tools and skill sets that will help them control their outbursts and anger issues.

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