Day Spa Hints and Tips

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A day at the spa can be a wonderful, indulgent experience of pure relaxation. However it can be spoiled if the day spa is not right, or by not making best use of the facilities on offer. These hints and tips will help to ensure a perfect day spa experience!

How to Choose a Day Spa

It is important to understand the facilities offered by different day spas before choosing between them. Do they offer a thermal suite including sauna, spa pool and steam room? If so, are these facilities included in the price, and/or time limited. Is there a good relaxation area for rest between treatments? What treatments are on offer, and are any packages which bundle treatments together really good value?

Day spa websites do not always offer comprehensive information on the facilities available, so don’t hesitate to contact them before you book to ensure you understand exactly what is being offered.

The Morning and Evening of your Day Spa Visit

It may sound obvious, but busy people may need to be reminded of it: it is important to have an easy, quiet time before and after a day spa visit. So often people visit the spa to escape from the stresses of everyday life, so it is especially important to clear the whole day!

Ask friends or family to help with school runs, and either plan a restaurant dinner or an evening meal that is easy to prepare the night before.

Prepare a bag the evening before, and enjoy a leisurely breakfast before a relaxed journey to the spa.

Make the Most of a Day Spa

Don’t be lured by a pampering package simply because it is inexpensive. It is better to enjoy one or two really great treatments, and to enjoy a less expensive sauna and thermal suite than to cram in the maximum number of treatments just because they offer “good value”. There are, however, some excellent day spa deals available, so do do your research before booking!

If there is a thermal suite including sauna, spa pool and steam room then why not use them in the order taken by visitors to the famous, historical Friedrichsbad spa of Baden-Baden in the Black Forest in Germany?

  1. First, dry heat such as a sauna, starting with the coolest first if there is more than one. Moving up to higher shelves in a single sauna will increase the temperature. It is important to drink enough water.
  2. A shower in warm water with a soapy brush or loofah massage.
  3. Then on to damp heat in a steam room, followed by another shower.
  4. Successively cooler pools, followed by a gentle swim to leave you wonderfully relaxed!
  5. For the brave, a very cold shower before wrapping up in warm towels then applying moisturizer.
  6. Finally a rest period in a quiet area, followed by a little quiet reading.

Be sure to seek the advice of spa staff before using any facilities if you have any health concerns.

What to Take to a Day Spa

At least one fluffy towel, a toweling robe and beach sandals, or similar footwear, makes it possible to really enjoy the experience of a thermal suite, that is a series of hot and cold treatment rooms including sauna, spa pool and steam room. The spa may provide them, possibly at a charge, or you may prefer to take your own. You will almost certainly need to take a swimming costume with you.

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