Daily Walking Meditation for Improved Fitness

walking meditation

In this busy world, it can be hard to find time for both daily exercise and meditation practice. Why not make an effort to combine these in walking meditation? Taking a daily nature walk with a focus on applying meditation techniques can improve physical fitness while also leading to a quieter mind and a greater feeling of inner peace. Learn how to meditate while walking, and enjoy the fitness benefits of walking while meditating.

How to Start a Walking Meditation Practice

Start by making a commitment to undertaking a new exercise regime that involves improved mental and physical fitness. This means selecting a particular time of day and amount of time (30 minutes or more is preferable) to take the nature walk, as well as a path (or paths) to follow. Depending on where a person lives, this might involve some research or driving/taking a train to a more natural location.

Try to find at least a moderately natural setting for optimal walking meditation, as free as possible from mechanical noises and artificial surroundings. The more natural the setting for the walking meditation, the better it is. This is due to the fact that human beings respond to natural settings differently—and more positively— than they do to the artificial environments that are often the main settings for both work and working out.

Specific Walking Meditation Techniques

Once a time and place has been established for daily walking meditation, it’s time to learn some walking meditation techniques. The most basic of meditation practices for walking meditation is the use of conscious breathing, or simply focusing the attention on the natural in and out of the breathing process. Other meditation techniques, such as the repetition of mantras or passage meditation, can also be employed effectively during daily walking meditation practice.

Enjoy the Benefits of Walking, Inside and Out

While encouraging greater inner peace and a quieter mind by employing meditation techniques can lead to improved mental fitness, a daily nature walk will also yield improvements in physical fitness as well. Exercising by walking for at least 30 minutes a day is one of the simplest and most straightforward ways to lose weight and get a better body.

Daily Nature Walks Can Improve Inner Peace and Fitness

Learn how to meditate and enjoy the physical benefits of walking simultaneously by establishing a daily walking meditation practice. Start by committing to taking a nature walk at a certain time for 30 minutes daily. Preferably, find a natural setting that will encourage a quiet mind for meditation. Select one or more simple meditation techniques, such as conscious breathing, to practice while walking. Use walking meditation every day to improve mental and physical fitness.

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