Cleansing Crystals for Healing

cleansing crystals
People who are familiar with crystals as healing tools will appreciate the energies that can be felt from these beautiful stones. Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz and Amethyst are possibly the more popular and widely recognized crystals. Clear Quartz has a high-energy vibration, which can clear most negativity from a person’s body. Rose Quartz is believed to promote love and harmony, while Amethyst is connected to higher emotions, and connecting people to their higher self.

Get to Know a Crystal

The simple act of placing a crystal in the palm of a hand can help a person become acquainted with that particular stone. They may feel how cool it is, how rough or smooth the surface, and its textures. Then when the person looks more closely they might notice a particular pattern in the crystal, or they might find unusual or different thoughts popping into their head.

After holding the stone for a few minutes the person might benefit from placing it in front of them, maybe on a table. Then they can stare at it, wait for their mind to clear, and simply feel its energies. This practice is sometimes referred to as ‘scrying,’ which is an activity largely associated with crystal balls and mirrors. Scrying enables a person to ‘see’ inside a smooth mirror-like surface (such as a crystal) in order to divine some deeper knowledge or wisdom, or even to make contact with Spirit energies.

Carrying a Crystal Charm

After taking time to feel and see a crystal the next step is to carry it around. A person can put a small tumble stone in a pocket, pouch or even a crystal cage on a necklace or key ring. These accessories can be purchased in most high street craft stores or from specific crystal and gemstone retailers. The crystal is more effective if worn close to the skin, because then its energies can be absorbed throughout the day.

Some people may like to put a crystal under their pillow. Certain crystals are believed to assist with dreams. For example, if a person is feeling confused about something or a decision they have to make, they could place a piece of Clear Quartz under their pillow and think about the issue as they lie down to sleep. The crystal energies can then connect and perhaps affect that person’s dreams to help see things more clearly, or to assist them in making the right decision to resolve it.

The Importance of Cleansing Crystals

Crystals will collect energy vibrations from other sources, not just those of the person who carries them or works with them. Therefore it is important to cleanse crystals regularly, so that they may be recharged and continue to send out their healing energies. A clogged crystal may cause confusion or feelings or illness or unhappiness.

The easiest way to cleanse a crystal is to hold it under clean, running water, preferably from a fresh source that is untainted by chemicals. It is also helpful to visualize the running water taking all the energy impurities from the crystal and washing them away, leaving it clean and refreshed. Then the crystal must be placed in direct sunlight so it can use the natural rays of the sun to dry. Moonlight might be equally beneficial but that depends on the intent of the person using the crystal.

Cleansing with sound is also a popular method. A person could hold a tuning fork or ringing bell close to a crystal, and the vibrations from the sound are believed to shake off the negative or clogged energies in the crystal. Similarly the crystal could be placed in the bottom of a Tibetan singing bowl, with the wooden handle being run around the rim to vibrate the crystal.

There are many other ways to care for crystals but these are the most popular methods. These mysterious and beautiful stones have fascinated humans for centuries and now in the modern world they continue to share their energies to those who are willing to accept and rejoice in them.

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