Character: Building Foundation of Man

There are six elements that help bring about high levels of good behavior, self-discipline and strong will in humans. These are beneficial natural surroundings, a wholesome human environment, family solidarity, firm parental authority, warm parental affection, and genuine parental delight.

The same elements that interplay with one another are the character building foundations of man towards human perfection. In character building, the surroundings are the occasions, the family as the foremost channel, and the parents as the primary co-agents.

In the early years up to maturity, parents play a predominant, but gradually, decreasing role in character building. As the man passes through adolescence onto adulthood, he becomes the architect and engineer of his own character formation making other factors take on subdued roles.

How to Develop Character Building Excellence

Character works on humans’ talents, temperament, and the environment to produce personality, which is the sum total of what one is, what one has, and what one does with what one has. On the other hand, personality is a function of endowment, environment, and character. Poor endowment and environment can be compensated for by good behavior to produce solid, wholesome personalities. Poor character, however, leads to weak and disjointed personalities no matter how rich endowment and environment may be.

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Character may be strong or weak, rich or poor, depending upon how the will is educated and formed. Character education is the formation of the will in virtues. A strong and rich character is, generally, formed in a closely-knit-home.

The inculcated thoughts and deeds, after a certain time, become fine then they appear and bear results. These results condition and mould the man. If a man continuously hears bad words, thinks bad thoughts, does bad actions, the mind of the man will be full of bad impressions. These influence thoughts and works without the man being conscious of the reality. In the end, the effect on the man is a strong drive to do bad actions without fail.

Similarly, if a man is nurtured in surrounding of good thoughts and good works, the impressions will be good; and they, in a similar manner will force the man to do well even if he wishes to do evil. The mind, expose to good influences, will not allow him to do so.

Manifestations of Character Building Excellence

All aspects of a man’s life are showcases of his character—in school, at home, at work, at play, alone, with friends, or with adults.
Discipline is easily noticeable in man’s reasons and wisdom. If a man can manage the mind and govern the forces of the inner self, he rises to higher and higher levels of power and usefulness. As the man puts into practice self-discipline, he is less and less swayed by passion and pain. And if by chance, things do not turn out as expected, a man will admit to feeling sad but will readily begin another hour or day with faith and hope.

The harsh and pleasant climates of life contribute to the great capacity of man to adapt to the changing challenges of time. A man of strong character will readily note the good that comes out of disappointing situations and occasional falls, thus rendering trials irrelevant in his daily lives.

A cheerful and confident man shows zest and delight in everything he does. Generally, the man is neat, orderly, generous, pious and responsible, among many other virtues. Family ties are strong and affectionate, and community spirit is real and powerful.

Character, the building foundation of man, begins with the governing of the inner self and followed by the process of purification. A man purifies himself in heart and mind altogether by merely restraining passions when they rises within and above him.

The two factors that influence character are family and parents. But the foundation for good character requires no more than the ordinary in raw materials and ingredients. In every heart there sit a selfless core--man’s eternal refuge from the storms of passion and all the conflicting elements of his lower nature. In here simple things can delight the lonely and the ordinary can influence even the cruel.

Indeed, everyone can strive for character building excellence by transforming the self to set its vision towards significance and value.
Character building excellence is the building foundation of man in society--delightful behaviors that raises the man above his times.

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