Building Self-Confidence Simply

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Whether anxiety abounds over landing a promotion, making a positive first impression or the most commonly dreaded – speaking in public, most people regularly harbor a great deal of fear. But though fear is a natural human response to emotional growth, it can often result in diminished self-confidence, which ultimately impedes an individual’s ability to take risks and move forward in positive ways. One can enhance self-confidence after engaging in a few simple practices .

Develop a Daily Affirmation Script

As an individual’s self perception is fueled by the messages he feeds himself, it’s essential that he practice the art of consistently developing positive messages. Writing out a list of self-loving affirmations in a journal is a solid place to start. A sample list of positive messages might be:
  • "I deserve to achieve success."
  • "I am a loving individual."
  • "I deserve to be respected."
  • "I accept myself, and I cannot control whether other people like me."
Though practicing this method of self-affirmation may feel awkward at first, the more it’s used, the more natural it becomes. It’s important for individuals to realize that improving self-confidence takes place as one alters her belief system about herself. Such a process takes time and patience, but it’s entirely feasible with dedication.

Maintaining Physical Health and Eliminating Fear

Fear is intensified when the body is stressed, so it’s important to focus on physical health in order to build confidence. Taking inventory, ideally through writing a list, can be helpful in determining how to improve overall health. Asking these questions can serve as a launching pad:
  • "Do I eat fruits, vegetables and grains/take in vitamins and minerals regularly?"
  • "Am I eating out often? If so, can I possibly cook at home more often?"
  • "Am I constantly tired? Perhaps I need more sleep."
  • "Do I eat foods that are highly processed?"
  • "Am I exercising regularly?"

Determining Causes for Fear and Anxiety

Understanding the cause of personal fears is instrumental to building self-confidence. Deep-rooted fears can result from repeated feelings of guilt. Reasons for guilty feelings might include having too many drinks with friends the night before a big project at work, overeating, reprimanding a coworker, friend or family member or from overall stress. Stress is minimized through the following activities:
  • Regular exercise
  • Healthy eating
  • Planning vacations
  • Visiting with supportive friends
  • Volunteering
  • Joining a class (acting and improvisation are particularly useful in building confidence)
  • Completing a creative project as with photo capture, painting, writing or dancing
Building self-confidence occurs along with the natural process of an individual’s self-discovery. With increased experiences comes diminished fear and anxiety. But important to realize is that one can actively purse the experiences that lead to confidence. Therefore, one has a great deal of control over his level of confidence. The first step is to simply choose to become more confident.

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