Workplace Strategies for Health

workplace strategies for health

Not many of us find the time and energy to wake up and go walking or jogging early in the morning. And not many of us find it easy to follow a diet given our erratic working hours. Not to forget, several treats, parties and outings during the week, at work and otherwise. But how many of us realize that it is necessary to follow a reasonable diet, and exercise atleast three times a week, in order to avoid even chronic, hereditary ailments like Diabetes, Hypertension and Obesity? These chronic ailments take over the body as a result of negligence and lack of physical activity. It may sound unbelievable, but it’s a fact that the least exercised organs of the body are the foremost affected with some form of physical discomfort or illness.

Cook Your Own Food

This is next to impossible for most busy executives. But a simple meal does not even require a plan! Microwave ovens and other technology have made cooking very easy and very less time-consuming nowadays. It has also been scientifically proved over the years that people who cook their own food eat much less and much healthier than people who eat out. There is a good reason to this. People who cook their own food most likely stick to their diet restrictions also. This not only causes them to eat less, but also right. In fact, that is one good reason dieticians and nutritionists ask their patients or clientele to cook their own food rather than relying on external help for cooking.

Pack Your Lunch

There is no better food than home-food. Get used to taking packed lunch to work, and thus reducing your trips to the office canteen. Make it a habit to bring your own food and therefore order less of outside food, gradually.

Healthy In-Between Snacks

Along with your packed lunch, take along some healthy snacks like fruits, nuts or juices. These not only relieve your hunger pangs, but also keep you healthy by providing you the essential vitamins, minerals and roughage.

Balanced Meals

Avoiding birthday treats or community eat-outs may be next to impossible in the office environment. But what you can do is balance out all the oily, fatty items that you have during these “stressful - on - the - stomach” times. Oily foods can be drained down the digestive system by having fresh juices or light buttermilk instead of another heavy meal at night. Similarly, fatty foods like cakes or pastries can be balanced out by having light foods the next day.


It is not worthwhile avoiding the coffee machine altogether. But what you really can do is to avoid the number of trips you make to the machine. Reduce your intake of coffee and see the positive results it provides to your digestive system in less than two weeks.


Reduce the amount of salt in your food and see the difference in your physique in just a week. Salt causes water retention and unnecessary fat accumulation. And moreover, most foods already contain Sodium. Therefore, adding salt means excess sodium, and this means a sure path to disorders like hypertension, diabetes, edema, etc. Once you gradually start reducing the amount of salt that you intake, in all probability, one fine day, you will stop salt intake altogether!

Follow these simple dietary methods and find physical lightness and mental peace!

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