Top Mood-Boosting Activities

mood boosting

When you think of health, it’s your body that naturally springs to mind. Your mind, however, is just as susceptible to falling ill. That's why doing things that make you happy is very important for your sanity and those around you. Below, we look at simple activities that experts believe can help keep your mental health in tip-top shape.

Socialise, Talk About it and Appeal to your Senses

We human beings are naturally sociable – even those who claim not to be "people" people. Without regular company from others, we can become lonely, a common cause of depression. To keep the blues at bay, cultivate a close circle of friends or get together with family and keep those relationships rock solid.

While heading out and having a laugh with friends is good for your mental health, sometimes you need to sit down and talk. Depression and anxiety are common in people prone to bottling things up so if something is bothering you, talk it out and get it off your chest before it gets you down.

Activities that appeal to your five senses – sight, sound, taste, touch and smell – actively lift your mood. Listen to some mood-boosting catchy tunes, rope your other half into giving you massage or, just this once, reach for that last Rolo.

Get a Pet, Be Selfish and Indulge Yourself for a Slice of Happiness

Pets may need a lot of love and care but they give it back in spades. Dogs are especially loyal companions and make you feel loved and needed. Pet-lovers are also proven to suffer less mental health problems in life.

While overt-selfishness is a mental health no-no, squeezing a bit of "me time" into your daily schedule can help you relax, unwind and put any problems into perspective. Catch up on your soaps, do some gardening or just curl up on the couch, free and unfettered.

Indulging yourself too much can be a source of problems but there's a lot to be said for giving yourself a taste of the special treatment. While it might not cure your blues, indulging yourself a little from time to time can make you happy, at least in the short-term. If you like shopping and find browsing and buying something new lifts your spirits, then indulge in a spot of retail therapy.

Most health advice would advise against binge-eating but when it comes to your happiness, splurging now and then is a must. Comfort eating is fine in moderation so set aside a day or night with your mates and binge on take-out and chocolate. The latter contains plenty of serotonin, a chemical also known as the "happy hormone."

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