Dealing With Change

These changes can result in adjusting to seeking new employment, moving, and simply adjusting to having less money to go around. These changes can take the already stressful nature of life and make it even worse. As such it is imperative that those who are dealing with changes in their lives, prepare to cope with the stress that will come along with the changes.

Change is Stressful

The first step in dealing with radical differences in life is to be aware that there will be stress and that stress will be tough. Small and large changes require adjustment and adjustment can be a major source of stress. It is important to try and keep control of this stress so that it does not become the major factor in how one lives one life. Stress also can make one sick, keeping things under control can be the only healthy alternative one has.

Take Time Out

Being aware of the potential for stress is only the beginning. The real challenge occurs in trying to get a grip on the symptoms and feelings that go with stress. Stress often presents as stomach problems, shortness of breath and a generalized feeling of panic. Acknowledging the feelings honestly is the first step in getting them under control. Don't keep feelings inside, find outlets to talk about the feelings and the symptoms that go along with them. If the symptoms become severe do not be afraid to seek professional help.

Small Things

There are small things a person can do to help keep the stress under control. When there is a lot to do as there is in finding a job or moving or re-budgeting, begin by making lists. It can help to break down large tasks into small steps in order to make them feel more manageable.

Work to be as organized as possible when steps are taken. Try keeping all the information for the task at hand in one place such as a small notebook or notepad. In this way it is possible to see what tasks have been accomplished and what still needs to be done. Keeping notes can also help to keep one motivated and focused on the tasks at hand, insuring follow up calls and visits. Being organized can also help to make tasks seem less daunting and overwhelming and as such will reduce the stress level associated with the changes being made.

Be Kind to the Self

Part of acknowledging the new level of stress is knowing when enough is enough. Take time each day to do something nice for one's self so that one's life does not become all about the task at hand. Try working on a hobby or reading a book to set aside time to distract one's self from the worry and change at hand. Be mindful that change is part of life and that the ebb and flow of change will come and go. Remember that things will not always seem to be in a flux and that change, even unwilling change can often lead to better times and circumstances.
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