Back to School Health Tips

back to school health tips
There are many rituals around preparing your children and teenagers for school and college. Sometimes it’s a visit to the GP or dentist or complementary health care practitioner. Sometimes it’s a new uniform. Always, it’s waiting in a line for school supplies.

Make a Check-list of Health Care Products for Students

A visit to the pharmacy and health food store might also be in order, especially if you want to send your teenager off with some supplies to maintain good health. If your sons or daughters are studying away from home, you can stock up for them with a range of items that will come in handy in the coming months. Pharmacies and health food stores stock first-aid kits and homeopathic first-aid kits that are very useful, or you can buy an empty kit box and buy specific supplies to suit individual needs.

Health Food Stores and Pharmacies Stock Alternative Health Care Products

Here’s a check list of things to consider stocking up on. If you’re leaning in a more ‘alternative’ health care direction you might find this list a good place to start.
  • Vitamin C, 1000 mg tablets, or 500 mg (‘Solgar’ are considered by many health care practitioners to be the best.) 1000 mg day is recommended and more if a cold is coming on.
  • Omega 3s (‘Eskimo’ are the brand most often recommended by health care practitioners. Many studies have concluded that Omega 3s are essential--from babies on upwards--providing support for emotional as well as mental development.)
  • Soluble aspirin (very handy especially if a sore throat is suddenly coming on).
  • Plasters, or adhesive bandages
  • Tea Tree antiseptic cream for insect bites and inflamed skin
  • Arnica gel or cream for bruises and twists and sprains
  • Lavender essential oil stimulates healing and has antibacterial properties. Apply undiluted to bruises and insect bites. It can also help with mild insomnia if added to the bath and/or pillow.
  • Tea Tree Oil, an anti- viral, -bacterial, and -fungal essential oil which has many uses and is recommended also for Athlete's Foot and for thrush. Dilute a few drops in water and apply.
  • Rescue Remedy, widely used today for moments of stress and pressure. A few drops added to a 250 ml bottle of water and sipped throughout the day can greatly aid students during stress.
  • Instant Ice pack, kept in the freezer, is very handy for twisted ankles and knees (frozen peas works well too!) and remember RICE = rest, ice, compression, elevation.
Going back to school is an opportunity to focus on health care. A supply of a few key health care products is a recipe for keeping and maintaining good health. Preparation and prevention can lead the way.
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