Method for Body Detox

Aromatherapy massage combines the technique of body massage with the use of essential plant oils. Some of the oils, such as lavender and geranium, are particularly cleansing and can be used to stimulate the internal organs and the lymphatic system. Massage is most satisfying when someone else is doing it to you. but you can self-massage too. All you need is a bottle of almond oil. and an essential oil of your choice. Pour out an egg cupful of almond oil and add to it two drops of essential oil (egg lavender, ylang ylang, rosemary). Then in smooth strokes massage it into your skin.

Body Detox

Facial Stream. You can give your face a cleansing boost with a facial steam, AH you need is a heavy-based bowl, some boiling water, a towel and an essential oil such as lavender, ylang ylang. or geranium. Fill the bowl half full with just-boiled water and add two drops of your chosen essential oil. Then place your head over the bowl and cover it with a towel. Steam for five to ten minutes. This will open the pores and make it easier to extract blackheads and general dirt from your skin Afterwards dab your face with an astringent to disinfect and close pores.
Body Detox
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