Five Steps to Muscle Recovery

Have some cinnamon. Half a teaspoon twice a day in coffee reduces muscle inflammation. Muscle recovery Methods

Have a Brazilian Tea. It reduces pain and swelling like ibuprofen. Drink 2-3 cups the day before a workout for a faster recovery.
Muscle recovery Methods

Hot and cold treats. Take your muscles from one limit to the other to enhance your recovery. Press an ice pack against your sore muscle for a minute and put it in hot water for a minute. Alternate 12 times to be ready for your next muscle-blast.
Muscle recovery Methods

Avoid the sauna. Sauna may be relaxing, but making your way to the hot room resistance or weight training can harm your performance for days after. Muscle recovery Methods

Drink Black Tea. A compound in your cup triggers insulin secretion, which lowers the amount of sugar in red blood cells. Drink black tea after your workout to reduce blood pressure by more than 40%. Muscle recovery Methods
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