Workout Guide: Bench Dip

Muscles Involved: triceps, front head of shoulder, chest
Exercise Description: Begin the exercise standing with your back to a sturdy bench or chair. Bend your legs similar to sitting position, and put your palms on the front edge of the bench. Place your feet in front of you so most of your body weight is resting on your arms. Keeping your elbows tucked along your sides, inhale and bend your arms. Slowly lower your body until your upper arms are parallel with the ground. Your hips should drop straight down to the ground, always staying near to the bench. Hold that position for a beat, then exhale and straighten your arms back to the starting pose.
Useful Tips and Variations: Be careful not to lower your body too far, or you will add extra stress your shoulders. Do not lean forward or away from the bench, which also creates stress on your shoulders. 

Bench Dip

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