The Signs of Overtraining

  1. Tiredness is the first caution sign your body gives when it needs to stop from exercising. Most people whine of being tired after a weights session, however the real fatigue is a little harder to establish. An increase of 10% or more in your resting heart rate can point to the fact your body has not completely recovered and needs more rest.
  2. When the body comes under more stress it can affect your brain. Many times people that are doing workouts feel really depressed. This is because overtraining reduces the glycogen stores, which are required to keep your brain functioning. Once these stores are used it becomes increasingly hard for the brain to accommodate demands, leaving you feeling anxious and may times depressed.
  3. Keeping a training diary and recording each workout allows you to see your progression. A lack of progression could be a sign of overtraining. Many people consider that when there are no results, the better things to do is to increase the exercise routine, when in reality you need to do less. For a muscle to grow, first it has to recover. If you overtrain your body it cannot come back to the level it was at before exercising.
  4. Persistent colds or the flu are another symptom of overtraining. When you overtrain the demands you’re putting on your body outweighs the resources and possibilities. It can take a charge on your immune system and your ability to respond decreases.
  5. Prevention is better than cure, and you should always consider quality over quantity. If you are overtraining, the only cure is to relax or reduce the stress. You might think it is wrong to reduce your fitness program, but in many cases this is the right solution. 


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