Food and Stress Interraction

One of the big side benefits of certain diets is that it helps you organize of your life, which means having control over your stress. The stress management is for your weight id imperative for your health, and for the quality of life. That is because our bodies simply aren’t programmed to handle the stress of modern life and when stress strikes, the production of adrenaline in the body is at risk. Adrenaline makes fat cells all over your body to squirt their stores of fatty acids into your bloodstream to be used as energy. And it is not so good in today’s society and in today’s modern life routine.

Food and stress

Your adrenal glands are producing yet another hormone to handle all that released fat. It is called cortisol. In a study, researchers asked 42 overweight people to carry out an hour of stressful tasks—math problems, puzzles, and speech making. During this test, their cortisol levels were measured. The subjects who carried their extra weight in their bellies were proven to be secreting more cortisol while under pressure. It means that stress hits, adrenaline mobilizes fat from all over the body, and cortisol takes the vacant portion and stashes it toward the abdominal region. In a study of 438 male firefighters, the ones who said they worried about their financial problems gained 11.2 pounds over 7 years, in comparison with an average of 7.4 pounds gained by non-worriers.
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