Additional Reasons To Lose Weight

Weight Loss

Boost your testosterone. Getting fat reduces your testosterone levels. A certain increase in your BMI equals the same jump down in testosterone as 10 years of ageing, with a drop in libido and loss of muscle.Weight lifting exercises would be advisable, as many studies reports that men can double their testosterone levels by lifting weights on a regular basis.

Cut your cancer risk. Every five-point increase in BMI ups your chances of developing renal cancer by 24% and your risk of stomach cancer by 50%. It is important to keep your BMI between 20 and 25.In this case walking would be a solution. Men who walk regularly are 2.5 times less likely to die of a cancer-related illness.

Lower your blood pressure. Every 2.2lbs of fat you lose equals a 1.05mm Hg reduction in systolic blood pressure and being 7lbs too heavy means an 11% higher risk of heart failure. Do some cycling by incorporating three 60-minute bike rides per week into your daily routine.

Safeguard your joints. For every 2lb increase in your body weight, your risk of developing arthritis (painful joint swelling) . According to researches an hour’s aerobic exercise five times weekly resulted in dramatically fewer joint troubles and other related disabilities.

Avoid developing diabetes. Gaining 11-18lbs makes a person twice as likely to increase the chance diabetes. A high ratio of fat cells to muscle cells makes the body’s insulin response less efficient. Do some running, three times a week, because interval training burns more calories.
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