Workout Guide: Seated Cable Row

Seated Cable RowExercise Description: During this exercise you must sit facing a weight tower with your legs slightly bent, a hip-width apart, and your feet positioned firmly on the footpads. Grab the grip attached to the cable, and straighten your arms out in front of you. Sit up tall, pulling your abs in, shoulder back, and chest out. Now, exhale and pull the grip toward your chest, squeezing your shoulder blades together while pulling. Do not leaning forward or release your shoulder blades, straighten your arms back to the starting pose. Repeat the routine. This version of the row utilizes less of your core muscles than the Dumbbell Row, for example and it is also more adaptable. Like the Lat Pull-down, you can modify the grip bar on the row cable to vary the muscles you aim in your back. You can do a wide-grip row (upper and outer back muscles). You can do a close or medium grip row. You can overturn your grip with your palms facing up and pull the bar to your belly instead of your chest and in this way the exercise targets lower back. In order to vary and make this exercise more sophisticated you may try inverted rows using the Smith Machine.

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