Workout Guide: Hanging Abs

Muscles Involved: lower abs, transverse abs, hip flexors
Exercise Description: Slide your arms into two padded loops suspended from a bar or frame. Keep your feet near to each other, and let your legs hang down slightly in front of your body. Keeping your feet together, exhale while gently raising your knees upward toward the ceiling. If you can, try to continue this movement and rolling your pelvis upward toward the ceiling, so that your knees reach your elbows.
Useful Tips and Variations: Keep your head up and eyes ahead. Don't swing your legs to gain momentum, staying focused and controlled. One of the variations of the workout is Hanging Abs with a Twist. During this exercise keep your feet together, exhale while slowly raising both knees and twisting so that your left knee reaches above the right. Slowly lower your legs back to the position you started and repeat on the other side. Modifying the move in this way not only works the lower and transverse abs but also focus on the internal obliques. 

Hanging Abs
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