Proteins and Brain Function

Brain Work

The micro-algae are usually used to help achieve high levels of physical and mental health and to augment energy. When a wide range of amino acids is abundant in the body, an ample amount is accessible to manufacture brain chemicals. There are many new studies regarding the effects of nutrition on intelligence, including studies of both natural products (such as lecithin, herbs, nutrients, and micro-algae) and a variety of synthetic substances. There is few information to make a clear evaluation of the long-term effects of either of these; however, one is nearly always safer with nutrients in the environment of whole foods. Most individuals with a higher degree of intelligence, clairvoyance, and wisdom have not relied on super-nutrition or powerful substances, but lived simply, in restraint and balance.

Spirulina Supplement

Nevertheless, there are stages in life during which the nourishment can be helpful: Spirulina and other micro-algae are favorable at times of stress, since protein supports the recovery functions. Similar qualities are useful during developmental transitions such as dietary changes, new activity patterns, and complex mental or emotional phases.
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