Triceps Exercises Mistakes

There are two common mistakes while doing triceps exercises. The first is to let the elbows fall when doing extensions. This means that, as an alternative of your elbows staying fixed in one spot, they modify positions from the top of the movement to the bottom. This is insecure and does not work for the triceps. If you can’t hold them in place mid-air, then lower the weight a little. The easiest way to see if your elbows are moving is to ask a friend or a spotter to watch them for you.

Another mistake is to let the elbows flare out at the bottom of the rep when close-grip benching. This means that as an alternative of your arms being as close to your body as possible, they’re flared out and are placed almost parallel with the floor. Although this is not bad, it does decrease the stress on the triceps and thus the usefulness of your workout. Keep the elbows as close to your body as possible. It would be useful to think of dragging the elbows in towards you. The closer your elbows are to your body, the more pressure is placed on the triceps.


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